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Accessibility in Barceloneta

General Information

Most of La Barceloneta is accessible for tourists with disabilities. It is easy to move on the streets of the district with a wheelchair. Moreover the beach is also fully accessible for disabled visitors. There is a ramp that goes almost to the water, dressing cabins for disabled people are also provided and a special team helps them to enter and leave the sea (for additional information – Accessibility in Barcelona).

Tips and Recommendations

  • We recommend for disabled tourists the same thing that we advise for any other visitor, namely not to use the metro in order to get to Barceloneta. Metro stops outside the district, moreover it is not wheelchair-friendly. The public bus would be a much better option since it enters the area and it is fully accessible (for additional information – Public Transportation in Barcelona).
  • Though most of Barceloneta is accessible for people with disabilities, in summer could occur some problems because the area is extremely crowded in that period and there are some narrow streets. Due to these factors moving with a wheelchair can be problematic. It is recommended to tray and avoid the most crowded parts of the district (for additional information – Summer Vacation in Barcelona).
  • People with disabilities who wish to go up Montjuic by the cable car should read before their trip more about the cable car in order to make sure there will not be any problems. Sometimes it might be problematic for people with wheelchair to use the cable car (for additional information – Accessibility in Montjuic and Accessibility of Montjuïc Cable Car).


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