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Barcelona Gourmet Tapas Walking Tour and Flamenco Show

General Information

Those that want to learn about the Catalan culture and traditional cuisine we highly recommend joining one of the Gourmet Tapas Walking Tours that ends with a famous Flamenco Show. The tapas bars are located in the heart of Barcelona, where you will experience the nightlife of the city center with a local guide that knows the best places around the city (for additional information – Barcelona Flamenco Shows – Tablao Cordobes and Tarantos Flamenco Show).

There are many small tours options companioned by local guides that will teach you how to order tapas in Spanish, tell you about the history and culture of the city and share the best stories with you. The tours take place in the evening and include tapas bars and restaurants in the Gothic Quarter, the famous La Rambla, the trendy El Born quarter and the famous La Boqueria market. The tours usually include complimentary drinks and appetizers from the best selection of traditional Catalan dishes (for additional information – Food in Barcelona).

The tour ends with a Flamenco show by the best and most passionate dancers of Barcelona, at a traditional flamenco club where you can enjoy a glass of wine while watching the show (for additional information – Barcelona Flamenco Shows – Tablao Cordobes and Tarantos Flamenco Show).

Tips and Recommendations


  • The tours start in the afternoon and last for a couple of hours. After the flamenco show your tour will be over but we recommend you to stay out and experience the nightlife of the city center or take a walk and see the famous buildings under the nights lights (for additional information – Architecture in Barcelona).
  • These are small organized tours with a maximum number of 15-20 people. There are tours available in many languages, the most common are English guided tours. Make sure you search for the best option for you.
  • Since this attraction takes place in the evening, in the noisy and vivid city center and includes drinks, we do not recommend it for families with young children, they might get annoyed by the noise and the late hours. For activities recommended for families with children – Kids and Families in Barcelona.
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