City of tapas, architecture and football

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Barcelona for Free

You do not have to be rich to enjoy Barcelona. The city offers many sites and attractions for free! Guided Tours in Barcelona for Free, The Beaches of Barcelona, The Sardana Dances, Museums in Barcelona, Parks in Barcelona, Free Events in Barcelon more

Public Transportation in Barcelona

It is very convenient to take a tourist tour in Barcelona, its tourist center is relatively small and in fact you should visit most of the main areas and attractions of the city on foot. Moreover, the metro and bus systems of the city are very eff more

Weather in Barcelona

The climate in Barcelona is a mild Mediterranean climate. In simpler terms - cold and rainy winter, but not a very cold city. Average rainfall in Barcelona is 1,000 ml, with most of them descending on the streets of the city in the rainy winter o more

Museums in Barcelona

Barcelona is full of quality museums who just waits for the tourists. You only have to choose what interests you from the great abundance that Barcelona's museums have to offer. Art Museums, Interests and History Museums, Attraction Museum and ma more

Shopping in Barcelona

Barcelona is full with Shopping opportunities that just await to tourists. One can enjoy a variety of shopping streets, shopping malls, stores and markets. Here is everything you need to know about shopping streets in Barcelona, shopping malls in more

Public Holidays in Barcelona

Everything you need to know about Public Holidays, Festivals, Feasts and Celebrations in Barcelona... more

Sundays in Barcelona

What can one do on Sundays in Barcelona? Like in every European city, in Barcelona Sunday is a vacation day. Therefore, on this day many activities are organized that one cannot enjoy on other days of the week. Most of the shops and big markets i more

Bars and Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona has something for anyone, out of all the bars and restaurants in town - you will definitely find something you love! Barcelona offers everything for everyone, starting with the local Tapas food and ending with different specialties suc more