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Romantic Vacation in Barcelona

General Information

Barcelona has some unique and impressive buildings, the atmosphere that characterizes the city, the various attractions in it – many of them include a real romantic dimension that explains why Barcelona can and should be an ideal destination for couples, including honeymoon vacations. Here is all you need to know about the romantic aspects of the city.

Romantic Landmarks

Sights in the City

Fortunately, in Barcelona many sites are defined as romantic, including those that belong to the list of the city’s mandatory sites. All those who feel that their love story is like a fairy tail can visit a park that meets this definition as well – this is, of course, Park Güell. The park, with its picturesque buildings, sculptures, terraces and a long impressive bench, is magical for everyone, including couples. Do not give up the climb to the hill with the cross, which has an impressive view of the entire city.

In Barcelona you can find several other parks that are considered ideal for couples: Think about walking together, hand in hand, when the only sound you hear is the splashing of water. Even in busy Barcelona you can find a site like this – Parc del Laberint d’Horta (Labyrinth Park of Horta), a quiet park which is recommended to visit for several hours. Another park, more popular among tourists, is the Parc de la Ciutadella (Citadel Park). The park is considered to be the center of the city, due to its famous sculpture – do not give up a photo with this impressive statue, with its many fountains behind you, this is one of the popular photography destinations for local couples on their wedding day. The park offers several other attractions, including a lake where you can rent a rowboat.

Parc de la Ciutadella (Citadel Park)


Area Plaça d’Espanya and Montjuïc is an area full of statues, fountains, monuments and coffee shops. Its main attraction is the Fuente mágica (Magic Fountains), which can offer the perfect setting (and very colorful) for a romantic evening in the city: sitting near the fountain, listening to music and watching colorful shapes. Due to the fact that what is ancient and impressive is also romantic, it is recommended to consider a few hours walk in the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic), where you may also meet couples photographed on their wedding day.

It is not possible to talk about romance in Barcelona without mentioning the famous Eixample district, which is known for its combination of modernist, shopping and restaurants and is considered one of the most romantic areas of Barcelona at sunset. It is recommended to leave Passeig de Gràcia and go through the interior streets.

Sights Outside the City

Within a short drive from Barcelona there are other sites suitable for a couple trip. Monastery of Montserrat is a monastery that offers a variety of hiking trails in different levels of difficulty and impressive views. It is recommended that you visit the monastery for at least half a day, while the arrival to the site is very easy (and cheap) by combining a metro, a train ride and a cable car ride up to the mountain. If you wish to arrive here with a rented car – it is recommended to combine it with other sites outside the city (for additional information –  Car Rental in Barcelona and Car Rental in Spain).

Another romantic destination outside Barcelona is Girona, an ancient city with narrow alleys and ancient buildings, which contribute greatly to the couple’s experience and allow you to travel back in time. It is recommended to visit Figueres, known for its Teatro Museo Dalí (Dalí Theatre and Museum) within it. The museum includes a host of creative exhibits, many of which deal with sexual desire and sex, with the presence of Dali’s wife, Gala, in almost every corner.

When you arrive in spring and summer and even in the first part of autumn – Costa Brava is open for you for a day (or two days) trip. For example, famous destinations such as Tossa de Mar and Tamariu will give you a fantastic romantic vacation. For these destinations it is recommended to travel with a private or a rented car – or a guided tour operated by one of the companies departing from Barcelona.

Tossa de Mar


In the same context, it is worth mentioning the Pyrenees. For those who wish to stay close to Barcelona it is preferable to stay in the eastern part of the Pyrenees of Catalonia, which includes several romantic destinations like Val de Nuria (Valley of Nuria). It is best recommended to join a guided tour, but for those who insiste to travel independently – you can certainly travel back and forth to Barcelona ​​with public transportation. Another option is to combine your trip with other towns like Ripoll or Alp – which are also known as winter destinations for skiing and other extreme sports (for additional information – Winter Vacation in Barcelona). Those who want to go further inward can reach the western parts like the national reserve Aigüestortes, one of the most beautiful Nature reserve in Spain.

The adventurous and adrenaline addicts couples among you, will be able to combine the PortAventura amusement park with their tour plan. In this park you can scream together and hold hands in the frightening rides, and there are quite a few of them. Port Aventura is also offering relaxing rides, including some water slides.

Romantic Restaurants

Most couples who come to Barcelona want to spend at least one evening of romantic culinary entertainment. Dinner in an intimate restaurant with a “full package” of relaxed music, candles, “sexy” dishes and a rich menu of alcohol (sangria anyone?). Between the hundreds of restaurants in Barcelona, ​​there are quite a few restaurants that are particularly romantic, not all of them are cheap, but it is certainly possible to afford the cost in most of them, if only for one evening.

Among the more successful romantic restaurants of Barcelona are:
Bubó Barcelona – excellent chocolatier, one of the best in the world.
La Locanda – An Italian restaurant in a wonderful location in the Gothic Quarter, offering a rich menu at reasonable prices.
Marissco – a very interesting concept restaurant, each partner choose his favourite ingredients (mainly fish and seafood) and the dishes are prepared in an open kitchen.
Restaurant Montiel – Excellent restaurant offering Spanish and Mediterranean food, is considered one of the most loved by tourists and locals alike.
Koy Shunka – Japanese restaurant offering an authentic, unique and romantic atmosphere. Not cheap, but ideal for sushi enthusiasts.
Con Gracia – a restaurant that looks at food as an art and provides sensual designed dishes.
Cera 23 – Very nice restaurant, offering a very delicious Mojito Asana.

Romantic Hotels

A couple arriving in Barcelona, ​​and certainly on honeymoon or other festive occasion, would probably want to stay in a hotel as pampering as possible. For the most part, the usual choice is a 4-stars hotel, or even 5-stars. Quite a few hotels in Barcelona meet this definition and offer a complete infrastructure for couples: pampering meals (relatively, do not expect all-inclusive-hotels), spacious rooms, a pool, spa treats and the like. Some of the more special romantic hotels in Barcelona are:

Le Meridien Barcelona – a modern and luxurious 5-star hotel offering many attractions for couples. The problem is its high price, which is remarkably high in busy tourist times.
Grand Hotel Central – a 5-star hotel with interesting surprises, both in terms of design and hospitality, features a rooftop pool.
Hotel The Serras – is considered one of the most successful in the city, located in a wonderful area, walking distance from all the important sites. Great meals, when you’re likely to get a glass of cava as a reception.
Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona – This is a very comfortable and friendly hotel, known for its hospitality. Spacious rooms, great meals and a patio on the top floor overlooking the city.

Please note that in terms of location, if you are looking for a quiet vacation you can find it in the more remote areas of Barcelona, ​​such as Park Güell. You have to take into account that this distance may make it somewhat difficult to stay in the city, for example with regard to the need for public transportation to reach most of the important sites in the city (for additional information – Romantic Hotels in Barcelona, Recommended Hotels in Barcelona).

Special Events

Barcelona is always a vibrant city, but on a number of occasions throughout the year, it becomes particularly colorful. St. Jordi Day (Sant Jordi) is the local equivalent of Valentine’s Day, If you arrive in the city on April 23rd, try to reach the area of Plaça de Catalunya or La Rambla, where you will be exposed to the main custom of this holiday: the men buy their lovers roses, while they give their loved ones a book. The restaurants and hotels, in the best tradition, wear a festive atmosphere on this day.

For the universal holiday of Valentine’s Day (San Valentin), on February 14, many restaurants usually offers a couple menu and some hotels will treat you with chocolates or champagne on the house.

Celebrations of Saint John (Sant Joan) are held on the night between 23 and 24 June. They include street shows, bonfires, performances and a variety of activities for people of all ages (for additional information about Public Holidays in Barcelona).

Football and Concerts

FC Barcelona is one of the favorite teams in the world, therefore, if the Camp Nou football stadium hosts a home game of the team, you may well want to take part in the experience. And no, this is not really an experience that speaks exclusively to men. Visit the page calendar of events to find out if there is a game during your stay in Barcelona.

Although flamenco shows are more associated with Andalusia and less with Catalonia, and although the city has quite a few ‘tourist trap’ amateur shows, the city can also find a number of truly recommended shows. Club Flamenco Tablao Cordobes is considered one of the oldest and prestigious in the city. Couples interested in an enjoyable evening can choose the couple package, which includes a show and an Andalusian-style Spanish meal along side with a range of reasonably priced alcoholic drinks.

Romantic Attractions

Beyond the tourist sites in central Barcelona, we can certainly think of a number of special attractions With a romantic atmosphere. Air balloon flight in the skies of Barcelona will allow you to be exposed to the views of the city from another perspective, higher and no less impressive. Another option, in the same category, is a helicopter ride over the city skyline, usually shorter and lasts about ten minutes.

Although Barcelona is considered a tourist attraction rather than a vacation destination, there are definitely beautiful beaches worth visiting and a very lively harbor. From here, you can certainly think of a romantic double cruise, preferably at the sunset. Some of the suppliers who offer cruises on the beaches of Barcelona can also add a small dinner, wine, champagne and a variety of treats. If this is your idea of ​​a couple outing, be sure to book in advance. In the same context it is advisable to mention the famous Barcelona cable car passing over the city port.

Another interesting option is horseback riding, which takes place in a large green park near the city. You can find packages that allow riding an hour and a half, lunch or even horse therapy.

And, of course, how can it be without a traditional flamenco show? In Barcelona there are quite a number of Flamenco clubs (such as the Trentos Club) that offer shows for tourists, including a traditional dinner or free drink. Highly recommended for those who want to touch local culture closely.

Tips and Recommendations

  • In some parts of the city you can buy double tickets at a discount. When you arrive at a tourist site that requires payment, you can find out about this issue.
  • Barcelona offers a lot of sites and options, some will interest both spouses equally, while others mostly the male side and others the beautiful gender (the ladies). An effective recommendation on the way to a fun trip is to add activities that relate to each partner. In relationships, as in relationships, one must compromise.
  • If you arrive in the city to mark a honeymoon or an anniversary, be sure to inform the hotels or the restaurants – you may get treats on the house.


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