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Kids and Families in La Boqueria

General Information

La Boqueria is an extremely colorful and joyful place with a unique atmosphere, which makes it to a recommended place to visit for families with children. In the middle of the market there are many candy and chocolate shops which are perfect to visit for those who visit the market with kids (for additional information – Kids and Families in Barcelona).

Tips and Recommendations

  • During the summer La Boqueria market can be very crowded, keep your kids in sight in order not to lose them.
  • It is suggested to pay attention that the children are not getting pinched by the lurking live lobsters placed on the seafood stalls of the market.
  • If you visit the market with a stroller, you might find it difficult to navigate through the crowd.
  • In the market there are some cooking classes that are dedicated especially for children.

Family-friendly Hotels near La Boqueria

Hotels near La Boqueria market are not recommended for families because most of them have small rooms and are quite expensive (for additional information – Hotels near La Boqueria and Family-friendly Hotels in Barcelona).


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