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General Information

The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona), abbreviated as MACBA, is one of the most famous museums in Barcelona. It is the modern part of Barcelona Art Museum. It is situated in a huge and attractive building with three floors. The museum houses different expositions and works of modern artists from the second half of the 20th century and from the 21st century.

The Building of the Museum

The MACBA is situated on Placa dels Angels in El Raval neighborhood and it’s construction was finished in 1995. The colourful building of the museum from outside is the main attraction of the museum, and actually for the majority of the tourists, the exhibitions are not the most interesting and significant ones (unless you have a particular interest in the subject).

The design of the building is interesting and unique, and combines both rectilinear and curved components. The ceiling of the main corridor is built from semi-transparent glass brick, a special element that allows one to see the shoes of visitors who are walking in it’s upper floor.

What do you see in MACBA?

In MACBA tourists can admire a permanent and different temporary exhibitions. The permanent one displays approximately 5,000 works from different modern, mainly Catalan and Spanish, artists. There are organized a lot of temporary expositions too about works of contemporary artists from all over the world.

The Museum’s Square

The building of MACBA, which is also referred to as “The White Elephant” (since it is huge and white, it is very similar to a white elephant), is situated on Placa dels Angels. This square serves as a meeting point for people who are keen on different urban sports such as basketball, skateboarding, cycling and rollerblading. Since these sports are very widespread in Barcelona, the square is usually full of people jumping on their skateboard or bicycle.

Tips and Recommendations for Visiting MACBA


  • Since MACBA is situated in the center of Barcelona, it is easily approachable by any kind of public transportation.
  • Though MACBA is not considered as one of the main family attractions in Barcelona, it is quite family-friendly and there are organized kids activities on site. If a family is visiting the city for more than 3 days, they might want to check out the MACBA, but it is recommended to check in the museum’s website in advance when there will be an organized activity for children (for additional information – Kids and Families in MACBA and Kids and Families in Barcelona).
  • According to the principles of a project organized in MACBA, everybody should get an opportunity to enjoy the arts. And so- disabled tourists get a lot of attention in this museum (for additional information – Accessibility in MACBA and Accessibility in Barcelona).

Tips for Entering MACBA:

  • The queues at the entrance of MACBA are not long, so there is no need to purchase the ticket in advance.
  • The MACBA is not one of the main and most important attractions of Barcelona. It is mainly recommended for tourists who are interested in modern arts but for the others it might be a little boring. So it is suggested that that people who are not extremely keen on contemporary arts, choose another, more interesting attraction over it.
  • An audio-guide is not provided on site, but one can participate in different guided tours which are included in the price and which are more useful than an audio-guide. It is recommended to have a look in the museum’s website before one’s visit, in order to plan the arrival time to suite the organized the tour to which one would like to participate (for additional information – Attractions and Tours near MACBA, Attractions and Tours near El Raval and Attractions and Tours in Barcelona.

Tips for “when to visit” MACBA:

  • Note that during December 25 and January 1 the museum will be closed. It is recommended to check the official website prior to the visit for opening hours and working days.
  • It is recommended to check on the website of the museum before the visit if it is open or not because there are many creative reasons and so-called-holidays (and unexpected weekdays, like Tuesdays) when the place is closed, for example- the holiday of artists, the holiday of merchants etc.
  • The MACBA is situated in El Raval which is full of dubious inhabitants and the museum’s square is a meeting point for skaters and for some teenagers. This is not a serious security problem, but one should be prepared for a possible meeting with them, mainly in evening or at night (for additional information – Visit MACBA at night, Safety on El Raval and Visit El Raval at night).

Tips for Discounts in MACBA:

Tips for Places near MACBA:

  • The MACBA area is home to many bars and coffee shops, where tourists can spend a nice time (for additional information – Bars and restaurants in Barcelona).
  • Placa dels Angels, the square on which MACBA is situated, is highly recommended for fans of urban sports like basketball, skateboarding, cycling and rollerblading.
  • It is suggested to combine the visit with a pleasant walk on La Rambla or with a trip to the famous La Boqueria market. El Raval district, where MACBA is situated, is also a very attractive area where one can spend a nice time.

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Useful Information

Getting there

L1 (red) – Universitat or Catalunya Station
L2 (purple) – Universitat Station
L3 (green) – Catalunya or Liceu Station


No. 7, 9, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 24, 37, 38, 41, 42, 50, 54, 55, 58, 59, 62, 63, 64, 66, 67, 68, 91, 120, 121, 141, H12, H16.


Car parks: SABA BAMSA Placa dels Angels  /  Eden  /  BSM La Boqueria.


Placa dels Angels 1
08001 Barcelona

Opening Times

During the week: between Sep. 25 and Jun. 25: 11:00-19:30 and between Jun. 26 and Sep. 24: 11:00-20:00
Tuesday: closed
Saturday: 10:00-21:00
Sunday and holidays: 10:00-15:00


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