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Teatro Museo Dalí

General Information

Teatro-Museu Dali (Museum of Salvador Dali) is one of the most significant works of the world-famous surrealist artist, Salvador Dali.

It is located around 140 km outside of Barcelona, in town called Figueres that is situated in the area of Costa Brava and it is the hometown of the well-known painter.

Both the museum’s design and the paintings exhibited in it can be considered to be an important surrealist masterpiece.

The Design and Structure

The Museum is located in the municipal theater building of the town, and was built by Dali himself. It was seriously damaged during the Spanish Civil War and was renovated and reopened in 1966.

Similar to many other buildings designed by Dali, the museum does not look like a regular construction. It seems like a huge surrealist object which is decorated with odd and weird elements. The massive glass dome and the big patio are the most impressive parts of the design. The golden statues on the top of the building, mainly the giant golden eggs, are famous icons of the town.

The structure of the building and the different motifs used by Dali refers to sexuality, death, insanity and to the artist’s wife Galla who was quite an extreme personality by herself. The Teatro-Museu Dali is a very unique and fascinating place, toward which nobody can be really indifferent. It is the work of an extremely technical and accurate but very imaginative and creative genius.

Who was Salvador Dali?

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, shortly known as Salvador Dali, was a world-famous surrealist Catalan artist. He was born in 1904 and was one of the most significant surrealist artists in the 20th century. He was greatly influenced by artists from the Renaissance period but presented their themes in a new, extraordinary, way which is full of imagination and disassemble the boundaries between dream and reality.

What do you see in the Museum of Salvador Dali?

The art of Dali means disassembling of boundaries and mixture of different times, classical style becomes modern and different features blends. The boundaries between different objects disassemble too, so that a hand can become a giraffe that becomes a woman’s body. There are several pictures where sexes are mixed too.

Many of Dali’s works create the illusion of a picture within a picture, by the merging of the width and depth dimensions. Other pictures contain many small details that compose one big picture. Dali examined a lot and tried to represent the human soul, different emotions and people’s perception of the reality.

All of these characterize Dali’s art, an art of dream where there are no clear boundaries between reality and imagination. Visitors to the museum will often feel that they are inside one of Dali’s dreams.

Tips and Recommendations for Visiting Teatro-Museu Dali


  • Since at the entrance of Teatro-Museu Dali there is usually quite a long line, it is recommend to purchase your ticket in advance (for additional information – Teatro Museo Dalí Tickets).
  • During August the museum is open at night, from 22:00 to 1:00.
  • Note that on Mondays the museum is closed.
  • Be careful from the many tourist traps near the museum. For example, there are tempting offers of five tapas meals for a cost of only one meal, but when the meals arrive one finds the portions are absurdly tiny. Try to avoid these kinds of offers.
  • Student are eligible to a discount, there is no need in presenting an international student card – any student card that says “student card” in English is enough in order to get the discount.
  • Although the most important and interesting parts of the Teatro-Museu Dali are accessible for the disabled, some parts of it are inaccessible. Moreover, the whole of Figueres is a problematic place for people with wheelchair because it is full of narrow streets and stairs (for additional information – Accessibility in Teatro Museo Dalí, Accessibility in Figueres and Accessibility in Costa Brava).

Tips for “when to visit” Teatro-Museo Dali:

Tips for Transportation near Teatro-Museo Dali:

  • If you arrive to Figueres by a car, we recommend to use coastal road N11 and exit it at Figueres junction. Parking right by the museum itself is not free but there are many free parking further away from it. Parking a bit away from the museum is free and in addition you will enjoy a short walk from the parking to the museum, in which you would be able to see a bit of the town (for additional information – Parking Near Teatro Museo Dalí, Car Rental in Figueres, Car Rental in Costa Brava, Car Rental in Barcelona and Car Rental in Spain).
  • We suggest to arriving Figueres by train. It is cheaper and sometimes even faster than renting a car. Trains to Figueres leave from Sants station, near Plaça d’Espanya in Barcelona. There are faster trains and slower trains- but one must be aware that the difference between them is be significant, approximately two hours. The town of Girona is also recommended, and it is close and approachable by train too.

Tips for Kids & Families near Teatro-Museo Dali:

  • Museu del Joguet de Catalunya (Toy Museum of Catalonia) is another museum which is only 5 minutes walk from the Dali Museum. It would be a nice attraction both with and without kids. The toy museum presents exhibitions with more than 4000 interesting objects (for additional information – Kids and Families in Teatro Museo Dalí, Kids and Families in Figueres and Kids and Families in Costa Brava).
  • Teatro-Museu Dali is recommended for those who spend a romantic holiday in Catalonia. It is not one of the main attractions dedicated to families because not every child enjoys theses arts and it also depends on how open-minded the parents are – because many erotic paintings are exhibited in the museum. But, if the kids like paintings and the sexual references of works does not bother the parents, the museum can be a nice attraction for families (for additional information – Romantic Vacation in Barcelona, Kids and Families in Teatro Museo Dalí).

Tips for Tours near Teatro-Museo Dali:

  • There are numerous guided tours from Barcelona to Teatro-Museu Dali. Most of them starts in Plaça Catalunya. These tours are recommended mainly for people who do not travel by car and also for those who would like to know better about Dali and his works in the museum. Visiting in a guided tour also grant a fast entrance and skips the long queue of the museum. During summertime it is strongly recommended to reserve the tour in advance (for additional information – Attractions and Tours near Teatro Museo Dalí, Attractions and Tours in Figueres, and Attractions and Tours Costa Brava).
  • Night tours in Teatro-Museu Dali are also available (for additional information – Visit Teatro Museo Dalí at Night, Visit Figueres at night and Visit Costa Brava at night).

Tips for Hotels near Teatro-Museo Dali:

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Useful Information

Getting there

Barcelona and Maresme Coast – Figueres line.


Car parks: SABA – El Garrigal – Figueres  /  SABA – Placa Catalunya – FIgueres  /  SABA El Firal – Figueres.


Plaça Gala i Salvador Dalí 5
17600 Figueres

Opening Times

Nov. – Feb. : 10:30-18:00
Mar. – Jun. and Oct. : 09:30-18:00
Jul. – Sep. : 9:00-20:00

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