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Fundació Joan Miró

General Information

Joan Miró i Ferrà is considered to be one of the main symbols of the Catalan nationality and Barcelona. Together with Gaudi, Picasso and Dali he is one of the biggest artists of Barcelona. However, in contrast with Dali, who despite his Catalan origin supported Franco during his regime, Gaudi and Miró supported the Catalan people and nationality (for additional information – History of Barcelona).

This is one of the reasons that there aren not too many attractions related to Dali in Barcelona but Miró’s works fill the streets of the city. While you are walking in Barcelona you can take a look at the sculpture named “Woman and Bird” located in Parc de Joan Miró near Placa d’Espanya, at the ceramic tiles that welcomes the passengers of Barcelona’s airport and at the special paving at the entrance of La Boqueria Market. So it is not necessary to visit Fundació Joan Miró if you want to admire his works.

Nevertheless, if you are interested especially in the works of this great artist, you should visit the museum located in Parc de Montjuic. Together with the museum in Paris this is the biggest Joan Miró center in the word. In the magnificent museum (both from inside and outside) you can admire permanent and temporary exhibitions that include sculptures, ceramics and paintings of the famous artist.

Who was Joan Miró i Ferrà?

Joan Miró i Ferrà was a Catalan sculptor and designer who is considered to be one of the most original artists of the 20th century and the most famous naive artist. Miró was born in Barcelona in 1893 and although he wanted to study art, he started to study business due to his father’s demand. Only when he was 27 years old he went to Paris to study arts. He worked mainly in Paris, New York and Barcelona, where he returned in 1940 despite his views against Franco. Miró was influenced in his works by various artistic trends, including Cubism, Fauvism and the Surrealist movement.

Miró was one of the radical representatives of the Surrealist movement and was often cited scorning the conventional art. There is a striking contrast between Mirós serious, hardworking and analytical character, and his works. When we take a look at his colorful and naive-childish works, we expect their creator to look like a bohemian, long-haired artist and not like the bourgeois that he actually looked like.

Despite his appearance, which can be seen in the attached picture, his paintings and sculptures are famous for their strong colors, geometric shapes and the great similarity between them. They serve as examples of abstract surrealism. His later paintings are characterized by an abstract style combined with distinct but distorted natural anchors (figures of women, moon and stars, animals). The distortion and clarity of these anchors creates order in Miró’s paintings and makes it easier to understand his intentions than the intentions of other Surrealists.

Like all Surrealist artists, Miró describes the reality by symbols and radicalism that express the artist’s point of view of the world rather than his “objective” description (the latter is specific to the classical realist art). Miró often said that his paintings “are like a song“.

What is naive art?

In order to better understand Miró’s work, one should know what is “naive art”. Naive art is characterized by simple and childish elements and colors. That is why many people think it is boring and do not like it, but among those who are keen on this stream we can mention both adults and children (for addition information – Kids and Families in Fundació Joan Miró).

Tips and Recommendations for Fundació Joan Miró


  • Fundació Joan Miró is accessible for tourists with a wheelchair as well as for visually impaired people (special glasses and audio guided tours are provided) and for visitor who have hearing difficulties (sign language tours and printed brochures are provided). For additional information – Fundació Joan Miró Audio Guide, Accessibility in Fundació Joan Miró and Accessibility in Barcelona. Disabled
  • Please note that Fundació Joan Miró is sometimes closed to the public because of preparations for large events and expositions.
  • Visiting Fundació Joan Miró is mainly recommended for those who are interested in art in general and in naïve art in particular. Those who have no interest in it can skip the visit.
  • Suggested time for the visit is about an hour and a half.
  • Most of the tourists who visit Fundació Joan Miró use the regular ticket which is available for both the permanent and the temporary exhibitions. It is not expensive and it is possible to purchase it online. It is not necessary to buy your ticket far in advance though, because the museum is not one of the most crowded attractions of Barcelona. Nevertheless, if you want to join to a guided tour you need to book it in advance (for additional information – Attractions and Tours near Montjuic and Fundació Joan Miró Tickets in Advance).
  • Visitors in this landmark who owns the Barcelona Card discounts card are entitled to free admission (for additional information – List of Discounts Included in Barcelona Card).

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  • A multimedia guide with voice explanations is offered at a low price in the museum. It is available in 7 languages. It is very recommended to take an audio guide or a guided tour in the museum in order to understand better the expositions (for additional information – Attractions and Tours near Fundació Joan Miró).
  • Every Sunday from 15:00 as well as every first Sunday of the month admission is free. It should be taken into account that at this time the museum is usually overcrowded and sometimes it is better to pay for your ticket and visit it on another day (for additional information – Barcelona for Free and Fundació Joan Miró Recommended Hours).
  • Fundació Joan Miró is not one of the most popular attractions of Barcelona, so it is not a crowded place and you do not need to worry about long queues. Nonetheless, it is a well-known museum and quite a large number of tourists visit it.

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Useful Information

Getting there

L1 (red) – Espanya station.

L3 (green) – Stations: Espanya or Poble Sec


No. 50, 55, 150.


Car parks: BSM Ciutat del Teatre  /  BSM Placa Navas  /  BSM Rius i Taulet.


Parc de Montjuïc, s/n
08038 Barcelona

Opening Times

Apr. – Oct. – 10:00-20:00
Nov. – Mar. – 10:00-18:00
Sunday and holidays: 10:00-15:00
Monday: closed

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