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Montjuïc Castle

General Information

Montjuïc Castle is an ancient military fortress dating back to 1640, located in the Montjuic area of Barcelona. The fortress is part of the long history of the city of Barcelona. Immediately after it was built, it was used during a deadly revolt when the Catalan nation fought against the Spanish ruler. Fifty years later, it was enlarged from a fortress to a castle. It was then dismantled and rebuilt, and took part in Napoleon’s wars.

Over the years, the citadel has become a symbol of terror and fear, since many soldiers and civilians have been imprisoned and tortured by the authorities. Between 1936 and 1938 alone, over 170 people were murdered within its borders. One of the famous prisoners of the castle was Lluis Companys. He was the leader of the Republican Left Catalonian political party and the only democratically elected president in Europe that was executed.

In the 20th century the fortress served as a military museum, but today it serves as a municipal building of the officials of Barcelona for exhibitions related to the city’s history and hosts urban events and various performances.

What do you see inside the Castle?

Apart from the thick stone walls that make up the fortress, and the bridge over the canal, you will find an amazing view over the city of Barcelona and the Montjuic in particular.

Tips and Recommendations for Visiting the Montjuïc Castle


Tips for Attractions near Montjuïc Castle:

Tips for “when to visit” Montjuïc Castle:

  • For those interested in entering the castle the recommended visiting time is during the day. If you want to only visit the outside of the castle, we recommend sunset hours, because the view during those hours of the day is the most beautiful (for additional information – Romantic Vacation in Barcelona).
  • Note that the castle is closed during 25 December and 1 January (for additional information – Public Holidays in Barcelona).

Tips for Entering Montjuïc Castle:

  • Please note that most of the attractions in this area are in the open air, there are many areas without shade, because of this you should be prepared with lots of water and hats or visit this area during sunset. In contrast, during winter this area can be very cold and unpleasant to visit (for additional information – Winter Vacation in BarcelonaSummer Vacation in Barcelona and Weather in Barcelona).
  • Visiting the castle takes about 30 to 45 minutes, no need to book tickets in advance because there are no queues (for additional information – Montjuïc Castle Tickets).
  • A visit within the Montjuïc Castle is recommended for those who love castles and those who are interested in the history of Catalonia and Barcelona (for additional information – History of Barcelona). It is not a must-see site, you can only visit the castle from the outside and continue to explore the rest of the attractions in Montjuic.

Tips for Timeout in Montjuïc Castle:

  • This attraction also holds free concerts and sometimes also some interesting events, from summer movie screenings to musical performances and other municipal celebrations (for additional information – the official website).
  • You can also enjoy a flamenco show at Arte Flamenco, which is in the vicinity.

Tips for Hotels near Montjuïc Castle:

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Useful Information

Getting there

L1 (red) – Pl. Espanya station.

L3 (green) – Pl. Espanya station.

L8 (pink) – Pl. Espanya station.


No. 13 and 150.

Opening Times

1 Nov. – 31 Mar. : 10:00 am – 06:00 pm.
1 Apr. – 31 Oct. : 10:00 am – 08:00 pm.

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