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Mirador de Colom

General Information

Mirador de Colom (Columbus Monument) is located in between Barcelona’s old port, which is called Port Vell, and La Rambla area. It is quite close to famous attractions as the Aquarium Barcelona, the Museu de Cera (Wax Museum) and the Palau Güell (Güell Palace). It is a 60 metres high statue constructed in memory of Christopher Columbus’ first voyage to America which was a significant event not only for Spain but also in the history of the mankind (for additional information – History of Barcelona).

Mirador de Colom was built for the Barcelona Universal Exposition which took place in 1888. The aim of the construction was to remind people of Columbus’ return to Barcelona where he reported about the new continent of America to the queen and king of Spain.

What do you see in Mirador de Colom?

The Mirador de Colom consists of an octogonal base and a pillar. On the top of the pillar stands a statue, one’s hand is pointing to the distance and the other holding a scroll. This is an illustration of Columbus pointing toward America. The base of the monument is decorated with figures related to the great explorer.

One can see Barcelona from a bird’s eye view from the top of the pillar, which is accessible by an elevator (for a fee).

Tips and Recommendations for Visiting Mirador de Colom


  • Mirador de Colom is a nice attraction and the view from the top is beautiful but it is not one of the must-see sites of Barcelona. Moreover, going up the pillar by the lift is often too overcrowded. It is suggested to come and watch the monument just from outside.
  • The area of Mirador de Colom is full of good restaurants, (for additional information – Bars and restaurants in Barcelona).
  • Mirador de Colom is open in the evening too but people who visit it for the view are advised to do so during day time.
  • Mirador de Colom is not accessible by wheelchair. Moreover the elevator is small and sometimes overcrowded (for additional information – Accessibility in Mirador de Colom and Accessibility in Barcelona).

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Useful Information

Getting there

L3 (green) – Drassanes station.


No. 9, 12, 15, 59, 91, 120, D20, H14, V13.


Car parks: Eden  /  SABA BAMSA Paral lel  /  BSM Moll de la Fusta.


Plaza Portal de la Pau, s / n
08001 Barcelona

Opening Times

Mar. – Oct. : 08:30-20:30
Nov. – Feb. : 08:30-19:30

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