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Gran Teatre del Liceu

General Information

Gran Teatre del Liceu (Opera House Liceu) is a theater in Barcelona. It is adjacent to La Rambla boulevard and it is close also to Palau Güell and to Barcelona Cathedral. The famous La Boqueria market is opposite to the theatre.

Gran Teatre del Liceu was opened in 1847 and unlike other large European theaters it was financed privately and independently and not by the monarchy or by the government. When it was built it was one of the largest opera houses in Europe and was considered to be one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world. Today many other opera houses are larger than this one.

To summarize shortly its history, the opera house was built for various schools of performing arts such as dance, opera, etc. Similar to the entire city, since its construction it was affected by numerous events, for example two fires, one in 1861, the other in 1994. The second renovation lasted five years, during this period the opera house was moved to the buildings of other similar institutions like Palau Sant Jordi, Palau de la Música Catalana and Teatre Victoria. In order to support the renovation of the theatre, it has become public. Nowadays it is open and functioning again.

What do you see in the Theatre?

Gran Teatre del Liceu has two facades, the other two are attached to other buildings. The front of the building on La Rambla and the lobby were constructed in 1847 and survived the fire in 1861 but the hall and the stairs were rebuilt after the catastrophe. The opera house has quite a large auditorium with 2292 seats. Regarding its architectural characteristics, it is a fascinating building due to the contrast of colors and symbols (for additional information – Architecture in Barcelona).

In the theatre you can participate in two types of attractions: you can watch a concert or a show or join a tour about the history and the architecture of the building (for additional information – Attractions and Tours near Gran Teatre del Liceu and Attractions and Tours in Barcelona).

Tips and Recommendations for Visiting Gran Teatre del Liceu


Tips for Tours in Gran Teatre del Liceu:

Tips for Entering Gran Teatre del Liceu:

  • If you want to see a show or a concert held in Gran Teatre del Liceu, it is recommended to arrive there 30 minutes before the event in order to admire the building of the opera house which is quite interesting (for additional information – Architecture in Barcelona).
  • Gran Teatre del Liceu is recommended for those who visit Barcelona for the second and third time or spend a long period in the city because it is not a must-see attraction but a fascinating building.

Tips for Timeout near Gran Teatre del Liceu:

  • It is recommended to combine your visit in Gran Teatre del Liceu with a trip to El Raval, which is situated behind the theatre. This neighborhood is a less touristy area but it is still nice and interesting (not all the tourists will enjoy to visit it during the night, for additional information – Visit El Raval at night).
  • Most of the tourists who visit La Rambla or the nearby La Boqueria pass by Gran Teatre del Liceu. For those who do not want to visit the theatre from the inside, we suggest to stop for a minute and admire it just from outside.
  • You can also enjoy a flamenco show at Los Tarantos or Tablao Cordobes, which are in the vicinity.

Tips for Hotels near Gran Teatre del Liceu:

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Useful Information

Getting there

L3 (green) – Liceu station.


No. 14, 59, 91, V13.


Car parks: Eden  /  BSM La Boqueria  /  SABA BAMSA Illa Raval.


La Rambla, 51-59
08002 Barcelona

Opening Times

Full Guided Tours
Monday – Friday – 50 minutes, 9:30 10:30, 11:30 and 12:30.
Express Tours
Monday – Friday – 45 minutes. 14:00 and 18:00; weekends: 9:30.

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