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Plaça de Sant Jaume

General Information

Plaça de Sant Jaume is the ruling center of the Catalonia region and the center of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona‘s Old Town. The square that holds the name of King Jouma (the mythical king of Catalonia) is named after a church that stood there until 1823, when it was destroyed in favor of the construction of the Ferran Street and the current square. In the middle ages the square was the center of two main streets. In the past, the Augustus Palace (from which four columns were preserved) stood at the junction of the streets.

What do you see at Plaça de Sant Jaume?

Today you can see the city hall and the government’s building located in the Generalist Palace (not difficult to identify the identity of the building – enough to look at the flags). Entrance to these buildings is free of charge on Sundays only. The Government’s building is closed on the third Sunday of each month (for additional information – Sundays in Barcelona and Barcelona for Free).

Next to the square you will find one of the best tourist information centers of Barcelona. From the square you can walk in almost any direction and enter the beautiful alleys of the Gothic Quarter, sit in one of the restaurants or cafes, or shop in one of the boutiques that are mainly aimed at tourists (for additional information – Bars and Restaurants in Barcelona and Shopping in Barcelona).

Tips and Recommendations for Visiting Plaça de Sant Jaume


  • Plaça de Sant Jaume is an important point in the tour of the Gothic Quarter – it allows you to get around the alleys of the Quarter (many alleys just lead to it). It is relatively close to the metro and public transport stations and is therefore often used as a starting point or end of a tour in the Gothic Quarter.
  • The square is very safe, because there are always policemen and guards around it. In the summer there are always many visitors who pass through it (for additional information – Summer Vacation in Barcelona).
  • It is highly recommended to visit The Gaudí Exhibition Center which is located close by.

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Useful Information

Getting there

L3 (green) – Liceu station.

L4 (yellow) – Jaume I station.


No. 14 and 59.

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