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Torre Agbar

General Information

Torre Agbar is a 144.4 m high and 38-story skyscraper. Because of its unique shape, it is often mentioned by local people as the “Blue Cigar”. The construction is located in the northern part of Barcelona’s beach, on Avinguda Diagonal, near Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes.

Due to its height and uniqueness, the tower is one of the most prominent icons of Barcelona. It can also be considered to be one of the symbols of the Modern architecture of the city, which is a great combination of Gothic and Modernista elements complemented with some new and attractive characteristics (for additional information – Architecture in Barcelona). The skyscraper was designed by a French architect, Jean Nouvel, and it was inspired by Montserrat mountain.

The building is currently owned by Grupo Agbar (that is why it is named Torre Agbar) which is a company that owns inter alia the water company of Barcelona.

What do you see in Torre Agbar?

The design of Torre Agbar gives the impression of a geiser. Besides the unusual shape of the building, you can admire its unique glass facade equipped with more than 4,500 LEDs that are capable to create more than 16 million colors and to change them quickly and instantly which leads to a thrilling night experience (for additional information – Visit Barcelona at night).

Tips and Recommendations for Visiting Torre Agbar


Tips for Timeout near Torre Agbar:

  • Torre Agbar in itself is not an especially interesting tourist attraction, so it is not worth to go there just for this building. However, if you are in the area because of another activity, you can take a look at the skyscraper. For example, a visit in Casino Barcelona, a trip to one of the beaches, a shopping tour or a business meeting on Avinguda Diagonal (for additional information – Shopping in Barcelona) are good opportunity to admire Torre Agbar too (all of them is quite close to the building). Actually, because of its height and strange shape, it will be difficult to miss it from the important observation points of the city.
  • Inside Torre Agbar you will not find any interesting tourist attraction, however you can join numerous guided tours that pass over the skyscraper (for additional information – Attractions and Tours near Torre Agbar and Attractions and Tours in Barcelona).

Tips for Hotels near Torre Agbar:

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Useful Information

Getting there

 L1 (red) Glories station.


No. 7, 92, 192.


Avinguda Diagonal, 211
08018 Barcelona

Opening Times

Night light show: on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday; in winter between 20:00-23:00, in summer between 21:00-24:00.

The skyscraper is not opened to the public.

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