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Kids and Families in La Rambla

General Information

La Rambla area is highly recommended for tourists that are visiting Barcelona with their kids and family. There are a lot of fun and entertaining events and street shows that take place everyday. The leisure time spirit of this place makes a winning combination with the many attractive landmarks located on the avenue or in its immediate vicinity, such as Museu de Cera (Wax Museum), the IMAX Cinema or the Aquarium Barcelona.

The Gothic Quarter and La Boqueria food market are also nearby La Rambla. These are two of the most beautiful places in the city and both are very popular and appreciated by kids and families (for additional information – Kids and Families in Gothic Quarter and Kids and Families in La Boqueria).

Tips and Recommendations for Families in La Rambla

  • La Boqueria food market and the Gothic Quarter are two wonderful landmarks next to La Rambla that are not to be missed, especially when visiting Barcelona with your family and kids.
  • During the summer season, when visiting La Rambla at noon or in the afternoon the area is quite crowded and it is highly recommended to look very carefully over your kids, especially if they are small children because they can get lost from the group very easily.
  • For small children that are carried in strollers, the avenue is very wheel-accessible and easy to get by. If we compare it with other major tourist-hub streets in Europe, such as the Avenue des Champs-Élysées or Oxford Street, La Rambla is way more family-friendly to visit.

Family-friendly Hotels in La Rambla

The hotels and apartments near and on La Rambla attract groups of families mainly due to the location in the center of the city, close to many of the major landmarks of Barcelona. However, lodging with a family group in this area also has some concerns that should be considered –  the prices for accommodation are significantly higher than in other areas of Barcelona and most of the hotel rooms and apartments are less spacious than in the rest of the city (for additional information – Hotels near La Rambla and Family-friendly Hotels in Barcelona).


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