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Kids and Families in El Raval

General Information

Although most of the families do not think about El Raval as an option, this district is recommended for children. Due to the numerous graffiti and statues found here, this quarter is a very colorful place which can be enjoyed by kids.

The authentic flea market could be another great attraction for them. In this market and in different small shops and restaurants you can buy unique toys or food, such as African or Asian specialties. There are also a lot of supermarkets where you can buy inexpensive food. Another attraction for children could be the small park in the center of El Raval – Jardins de Rubió i Lluch.

Family-friendly Hotels in El Raval

The hotel rooms in El Raval are the cheapest ones from the central areas of Barcelona. But it is also worth knowing that there are other quarters in the city where the accommodation is even cheaper, as for example in Gracia. Moreover, the hotel rooms in El Raval are quite small and therefore families would rather book their accommodation in other parts of Barcelona, where they can benefit of more space at about the same price. Such better alternatives would be, as mentioned above, the Gracia area or in Eixample district (for additional information – Hotels near El Raval, Hotels near Gracia, Hotels near Eixample and Family-friendly Hotels in Barcelona).

El Raval it is not less secure than other parts of Barcelona, but this neighborhood is mainly inhabited by first-generation immigrants and there are also many homeless people on the streets. Therefore, some families would probably want to avoid lodging in this area and it is best advised to reserve a hotel room in another part of the city (for additional information – Safety on El Raval).


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