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Kids and Families in Barcelona Cathedral

General Information

The area surroundings the Barcelona Cathedral is very recommended for families with children to visit. The outside of the Cathedral is vivid and colorful, and also hosts many outdoor shows and festivals. Due to this you will come across with many other tourists visiting with children both inside and outside the church.

The cathedral is a gothic construction with many details and symbols that fascinates the imagination of children. If you choose to take the children with you to see the cathedral it is advised to explain to them in advance what they are going to see, because the legend of Santa Eulalia can be difficult to comprehend.  

Family-friendly Hotels near Barcelona Cathedral

Accommodation in the Gothic Quarter, in which the Barcelona Cathedral is located, is not recommended for families with children. Due to its central location, hotels in this area are more expensive compared to other parts of the city and also the size of the rooms here are significantly smaller than in other areas (for additional information – Hotels near Barcelona Cathedral and Family-friendly Hotels in Barcelona).


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