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Kids and Families in MACBA

General Information

Since most of the children are not keen on arts and find paintings boring, MACBA is not generally considered to be one of the main family attractions in Barcelona. Having said that, this museum is quite family-friendly, it holds special guided tours for kids, so it might be an enjoyable experience for families with kids who are into arts (for additional information – Attractions and Tours near MACBA). Moreover, at weekends the museum holds different activities for children, which help them to understand modern art, pictures and statues exhibited there. Families who have enough time in the city, can visit the MACBA, but it is recommended to check on the MACBA website for the schedule of the kid’s activity in advanced.

It is also suggested to combine the trip to the MACBA with a tour in the area. During the daytime the surrounding El Raval neighborhood is recommended for children, which might enjoy the colorful graffiti on buildings and the different urban sport activities at the entrance of the museum (for additional information – Kids and Families in El Raval and Kids and Families in Barcelona).

Family-friendly Hotels near MACBA

Hotels in the area of the MACBA are not quite recommended for families. The neighborhood is overcrowded and most of the rooms are small. Even if one manages to find a cheap and wide room, the district is not recommended for kids because at night it is full of dubious people, prostitutes and drug dealers (Safety on El Raval, Visit MACBA at night, Hotels near MACBA and Family-friendly Hotels in Barcelona).


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