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Kids and Families in Montjuïc Castle

General Information

The Montjuic area is a very popular attraction among families with children. A visit to this site is highly entertaining for kids since you can get to the Montjuic Castle by the cable car and let the kids play all around the Montjuic Park. All of the attractions nearby are family friendly and an excellent choice when visiting Barcelona with children (for additional information – Kids and Families in Montjuic Castle and Kids and Families in Barcelona).

The Castle itself is a beloved attraction for children. Boys mostly enjoy the inside of the Castle along with all the medieval weapons and the spectacular view over the port of Barcelona. The area around the Castle is visited by many families all year long because its many playgrounds and picnic areas.

Visitor under the age of 16 can visit the Montjuic Castle free of charge so it is a great choice if you want to save some money on your family trip and you are looking for cheaper attractions to visit (for additional information – Attractions and Tours in Barcelona, Attractions and Tours near Montjuic Castle and Barcelona for free).


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