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Accessibility in Gracia

General Information

Gracia is accessible for people with disabilities since it is easy to travel by wheelchair on the streets of this neighbourhood. However, Park Güell is much more difficult to access as it lays on a hillside and it is not a wheelchair friendly place (for additional information – Accessibility in Park Güell).

Public Transportation

Most of the metro stations in Gracia are wheelchair friendly. Exception being the Verdaguer station (L4, L5) and Vallcarca station (L3). Moreover, the bus transit system is very well organized and most of the buses are very accessible (for additional information – Public Transportation in Barcelona and Accessibility in Barcelona).

Accessible Hotels in Gracia

Gracia is approachable by car and there are many public parking lots. Furthermore, the streets and most of the hotels are wheelchair friendly, which makes the hotels from this neighborhood highly recommended for disabled people. Since the only two metro stations which are not accessible by wheelchair are Verdaguer and Vallcarcait is advised to search a hotel near other metro stations (for additional information – Hotels near Gracia and Accessible Hotels in Barcelona).


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