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Accessibility in Park Güell

General Information

Most of the parts of Park Güell are accessible by wheelchair. Nevertheless, there are some areas that could be quite difficult to reach for people with disabilities. In this case, a good example is walking downhill through the park, which can be challenging for disabled visitors. At the same time, some areas can feature very steep roads and therefore they are not fully suitable for people with reduced mobility. In addition, it could be difficult to get around the popular places of the park with a wheelchair during rush hour periods – especially during the summer months, when the park is usually overcrowded.

Gaudi House Museum (Casa Museu Gaudi) is one of the sites where navigating with a wheelchair can be quite problematic. In case of having any special requirements, you can contact the visitor service by e-mail: (for additional information – Accessibility in Barcelona).

Park Güell tends to be an overcrowded place during rush hour, making it difficult for wheelchair users to get around the park.


The stairs and uneven roads of Park Güell are not entirely wheelchair friendly and these paths become a difficult experience for a disabled person who wants to explore all the main attractions of the park.


Tips and Recommendations

  • The best way to get to the park is by bus no. 92, and to get off at the north part of the park. It is highly recommended for disabled visitors because the bus is wheelchair friendly and it stops close to the entrance – unlike the metro station, Vallcarca (L3), which is situated far from the entrance and it is not accessible by wheelchair (for additional information – Public Transportation in Barcelona). Another great option is to get a taxi in order to reach this destination. Also, you could consider using a car rental service, although this might not be suitable for every disabled person that decides to visit Park Güell. If so, you should know that there are various parking facilities available for disabled visitors. For instance, Carretera del Carmel provides 3 parking spaces dedicated to the people with disabilities in the proximity of Park Güell.
  • Park Güell is providing assistance to the handicapped individuals and, in case you need help getting around this place, you can ask the staff for support.
  • Visitors with visual disabilities have access to various informative Braille maps. These guidebooks are available at both entrances (Carrer Olot and Carretera del Carmel).
  • In order to enjoy a greater experience, it is highly recommended for wheelchair users to visit the park with a companion.
  • Although you might encounter a few barriers on your way, such as uneven grounds, there are alternative pathways and ramps that will allow you to visit the main attractions of the park.

Accessible Hotels near Park Güell

Hotels in the area of Park Güell are not recommended for people with disabilities because the neighborhood is far from the center of Barcelona, and the metro stations are not wheelchair-friendly. Moreover, most of the hotels in this area are not accessible by wheelchair. It is recommended for people with disabilities to search for accommodation in other parts of the city, next to La Rambla or in the Gothic Quarter (for additional information – Hotels near Park Güell, Accessible Hotels in Barcelona and Hotels in Barcelona).


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