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Accessibility in Casa Batlló

General Information

Casa Batlló is very recommended for tourist with disabilities to visit because it is adapted for those with hearing, visual or movement disabilities. Different solutions are available both for people with visual or hearing disabilities to enjoy the same presentation of the landmark (for additional information – Accessibility in Barcelona).

The building is accessible by wheelchair but in some parts accessibility can be difficult, especially if you have a wider wheelchair than average. If your wheelchair is more narrow you will have no problem moving around inside the building, but if it is a wider one then getting into the elevator can be problematic. It is recommended to call before your arrival and check with the staff if the size of the wheelchair fits all entrance.

Accessible Hotels near Casa Batlló

The Casa Batlló area is a great place to find accommodation for people with disabilities, because its proximity and easy access to the center of Barcelona (for additional information – Hotels near Casa Batlló, Accessible Hotels in Barcelona and Hotels in Barcelona).


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