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Accessibility in Aquarium Barcelona

General Information

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona (Aquarium Barcelona) is entirely accessible and adapted for wheelchairs. Tourist can easily get inside the aquarium and move around in the building with the help of ramps and the elevator located inside the building itself. The access between the buildings of the aquarium is also adapted for wheelchairs.

However, there are a few limitations for disabled people like not being able to go inside the aquarium with a scooter or if you have a guide dog, it cannot go inside the aquarium with you.

Accessible Hotels near L’Aquàrium de Barcelona

Even though there are a few appropriate accessible hotels in the area, it is more recommended to get accommodated in a more central part of the city like the Gothic Quarter or the area of La Rambla (for additional information – Hotels near Gothic Quarter, Hotels near La Rambla, Hotels near L’Aquàrium de BarcelonaAccessible Hotels and Hotels in Barcelona).

Tips and Recommendations

  • The Aquarium of Barcelona is easily accessible for people with disabilities with the local buses. Arriving with the metro it is not a good choice because the station is far from the aquarium itself (for additional information – Public Transportation in Barcelona).
  • Arriving with a private car can also be a good option since there are accessible parking spaces at the aquarium (for additional information – Parking Near Aquarium Barcelona).
  • There is a guided tour available in the aquarium that is especially dedicated to people with disabilities and they also benefit of special ticket price, making the entire experience valuable (for additional information – Attractions and Tours near Aquarium Barcelona).



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