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Accessibility in Teatro Museo Dalí

General Information

Teatro-Museu Dali (Museum of Salvador Dali) is not fully accessible for people with disabilities. Though the most important and interesting parts of the museum can be visited by a wheelchair, there are many problematic areas in the building. For example, the second and the third floor are not accessible, they are both problematic to reach to and also to navigate on the floors themselves.

Tourists with wheelchair are asked to notify the museum of their arrival in advance, in order for the staff to prepare the entrance that is dedicated for the disabled.

Moreover, whole of Figueres is a problematic place for people with wheelchair because it is full of narrow streets and stairs. For the above mentioned reasons, it is suggested to the disabled to give up this attraction and find another one instead of it (for additional information – Accessibility in Figueres, Accessibility in Costa Brava and Accessibility in Barcelona).


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