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Accessibility in Mirador de Colom

General Information

Mirador de Colom (Columbus Monument) is not recommended for tourists with wheelchairs since the elevator to the top is small and sometimes overcrowded, so most of the disabled tourists complain about it.

Disabled people who do not want to give up on this site, can nonetheless see it from outside – which is the way most of the tourist do anyway, since not many choose to use the lift up to the top. It is easy to get to the monument because buses and Barcelona tourist bus are wheelchair-friendly.


The view from this monument is not one of the most attractive ones of Barcelona, so it is not such a loss to miss it out. Attractions that offer a bird’s eye view of Barcelona and are accessible, are:

  • The best option is from the Montjuic (the funicular to the hilltop is half-accessible and the bus is fully accessible). Both lookout points- The porch of the Catalan Palace on top of Plaça d’Espanya and the one right by the Montjuic Castle over the port, are accessible.
  • The Arena Mall in the Old Port (Port Vell) – offers a lookout from its roof.
  • The Corte Ingles mall – offers a lookout from its top level.
  • Tibidabo Mountain Range – offers a lookout on the northern part of Barcelona.

For additional information – Accessibility in Barcelona.


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