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Accessibility in Gran Teatre del Liceu

General Information

Like many other tourist attractions in Barcelona, Gran Teatre del Liceu (Opera House Liceu) is fully accessible for disabled visitors. Thanks to the ramps both the main and the back entrance are accessible to wheelchairs. Moreover the building is equipped with lifts and wheelchair-friendly toilets.

Guided tours organized in the opera house are mostly accessible for people with disabilities, in some parts of the building you will need to use the lift but you will not have any major problems (for additional information – Attractions and Tours near Gran Teatre del Liceu and Attractions and Tours in Barcelona).

Events held in the theater are also accessible for disabled guests. If you are with a wheelchair, you can leave it in a place dedicated for it. If you have hearing problems you can use screens and read all the information needed in Catalan, Spanish or English. Blind people can enter the building with their guide dog.

In addition to these, disabled persons are entitled to a discount (for additional information – Tickets for Gran Teatre del Liceu).

All in all, Gran Teatre del Liceu is recommended for tourists with disability problems.

If you have a wheelchair and would like to arrive to Gran Teatre del Liceu (Opera House Liceu), we recommend to use the bus which is fully accessible, or the nearby metro station, Liceu (L3), which is wheelchair-friendly (for additional information – Accessibility in Barcelona).


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