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Kids and Families in Sants

General Information

Sants is not one of the main tourist attractions of Barcelona. It is a neighbourhood inhabited mainly by people from the working class, so it is not something that can be interesting for kids.

In Sants you will find numerous cheap supermarkets where you can buy food for your family and a lot of small shops which focus on children where you can find clothes and toys for them. These shops do not focus on tourists, that’s why they are cheaper than those that are situated in the city center (for additional information – Shopping in Barcelona).

Another advantage is that Sants is close to a lot of children-friendly attractions like Montjuic and Arena Mall.

Family-friendly Hotels in Sants

Hotels in Sants are very family-friendly because rooms are very cheap and wide. Moreover, the access to the main attractions of Barcelona by public transportation is easy and there are no security problems at night (for additional information – Hotels near Sants and Family-friendly Hotels in Barcelona).


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