City of tapas, architecture and football

General Information


General Information about Barcelona

Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, is the economic and culture center on an international scale and is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Europe. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, with 1.6 million inhabitants and 3.2 more

History of Barcelona

If you visit Barcelona, you can visit many attractions that has historical significance. In order to understand better what you see, it is recommended to read about the history of the city and Spain prior to your trip. We can promise this will not more

Architecture in Barcelona

The architectural design of Barcelona is very unique and important. This is part of the city’s identity. Actually, all of Barcelona - its culture, its music and its architect is a combination of Spanish, French, Islamic and international design. more

Gothic and Neo Gothic Buildings in Barcelona

Gothic architecture was created from the Romanesque architecture, began in the 12th century in France and continued until the 16th century. It is characterized by pointed arches, ribbed vaults (pointed arches that meet in the ceiling of the buildi more

Food in Barcelona

In general, Catalonian cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine combining cuisines from the sea and the mountain. That is, a lot of vegetables, seafood, fish, meat and so on. You can find lots of dishes served in restaurants that combine these types of more

Sport in Barcelona

In Barcelona sport is a way of life and the city operates a number of clubs, in almost every sport. The athletic nature is well embedded in the genes of the Catalans and you can see people practicing and training in almost every park in the city. more

Sardana Dance in Barcelona

The Sardana dance is one of the most famous dance of Barcelona and Catalonia. Like other national dances, it is characterized with relatively calm circles that allow people of all ages to participate in the celebration. The origin of the dance is more

Winter Vacation in Barcelona

Barcelona, one of the most popular destinations among tourists around the world, is also known for its mild weather. A significant advantage of Barcelona is the fact that it can be visited almost all year round, including during in the winter mont more

Romantic Vacation in Barcelona

Barcelona has some unique and impressive buildings, the atmosphere that characterizes the city, the various attractions in it - many of them include a real romantic dimension that explains why Barcelona can and should be an ideal destination for c more

Summer Vacation in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, which makes it an ideal place for a summer holiday. Moreover, there are many attractions and activities that can be enjoyed mainly during this season. Therefore, it is not surpris more

Visit Barcelona at Night

Barcelona is visited by a great number of tourists and young students who cannot wait to plunge into the hot and active Mediterranean night. The typical Mediterranean lifestyle, which is characterized by a mandatory siesta during the hot hours of more