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The Benefits of Barcelona Card

Q: Before I purchase Barcelona Card - I would like to know what are the benefits provided by this card?

A: Barcelona Card has numerous advantages. First of all, it provides discount to more than 90 museums, restaurants, shops and clubs in Barcelona. Besides these, Barcelona Card also helps you to save time by avoiding the long queues at the entrance of the crowded attractions.

Another advantage is that you only need to purchase the card once instead of purchasing an entrance ticket at every place you visit.

You can enjoy all of these benefits without losing the control and planning your holiday will remain your responsibility. In this way, you can enjoy in a cheap but personalized vacation.

Barcelona Card and Public Transportation

One of the benefits offered by Barcelona Card is the free usage of the public transportation. If you have purchased Barcelona Card you can travel without buying tickets by buses, tram and metro lines that are operating inside Barcelona. The card is valid for the entire Zone 1 area, which includes the city center and the most popular tourist landmarks.

Besides saving money, Barcelona Card makes the entire ride easier, you do not have to spend your time with buying tickets for every journey, you just show the card and get on the vehicle by which you want to travel.


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