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Horseback Riding in Barcelona

General Information

The horseback Riding tour in Barcelona is a very popular attraction among those that want to experience the Catalan city in a different way. The location is one hour drive away from Barcelona, and a minibus will take you to the beautiful national park. The park itself offers an amazing view over the city, forest, hills and a relaxing atmosphere.

You will meet your guide at the pickup point in the center of Barcelona, together you will take a one hour minibus ride to the national park. Your guide will give you a short safety briefing then he will let you try out the new commends you have learned in the past half an hour practice ride. The guide will lead the way and take you to the most amazing tracks so you can get the best views and have an unforgettable horseback riding experience in Spain.

The riding activities take around 1.5 hours, after everybody returns to the barns and you can help groom and shower your horse. Before heading back to Barcelona’s city center, you will enjoy a traditional country side meal with your fellow riders and share your wonderful experiences.

Who is This Trip Suitable for?

This attraction is very recommended for families, although the age limit for children is 8 (for additional information –Kids and Families in Barcelona). We recommend this attraction for friends traveling together, couples or those that want to get away from the noise of the city and enjoy a relaxing but fun trip.

This attraction is designed for beginners and intermediate rides. Horseback Riding can also be an amazing experience for a romantic getaway from Barcelona, especially because it can be combined with a wine tasting tour or a visit to the area of Tarragona (for additional information – Romantic Vacation in Barcelona).

Tips and Recommendation


  • Because this is an outside activity keep in mind that it can be canceled due to rain or the weather condition. We recommend you to check the weather forecast prior of booking (for additional information – Weather in Barcelona).
  • This attraction is highly recommended for families but you need to be aware of the age limit which is 8 years old so if you have younger children this might not be suitable for your family (for additional information – Kids and Families in Barcelona). Also there is a weight limit for this attraction, people over 85 kg are not allowed to ride the horses.
  • Make sure you dress with comfortable cloths and appropriate for the weather. Also take water with you so you will not get dehydrated.
  • This attraction is not recommended for people with disabilities (for additional information – Accessibility in Barcelona).


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