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General Information

CosmoCaixa (Science Museum) is the science museum of Barcelona. The museum is named after the local bank, La Caixa, which supports science and research in Catalonia. Inside the museum you can see interesting permanent and temporary expositions from different fields of science. The Science Museum is providing a great experience for every visitor, regardless of his age.

The area surrounding of the museum is a peripheral area and it is far from the city center and the main touristic attractions of Barcelona. Due to this, there are not many hotels in the neighborhood and most of tourists do not want to reserve a hotel there. Nevertheless, it could be a good opportunity to find a cheap accommodation in Barcelona (for additional information – Cheap Hotels in Barcelona and Hotels in Barcelona).

Most of the hotels in the area of the museum are four star hotels, but there are also some two and three star hotels. Besides these, you can find a lot of apartments in the neighborhood.

Tips and Recommendations

  • If you want to reserve a hotel near CosmoCaixa, it is recommended to choose a hotel which is close to the metro station of L7 (brown) on Avinguda del Tibidabo, in order to arrive easily to the main attractions of Barcelona.
  • Accommodation in the area of CosmoCaixa is suitable for tourists who want to visit Barcelona by a car since most of the hotels in the area provide a private parking. A few of them are free, for others you need to pay a reasonable price. However, the price of the parking changes from one hotel to another, therefore it is suggested to check it prior to the order (for additional information – Car Rental in Barcelona and Car Rental in Spain).
  • Hotels near CosmoCaixa are close to Parc d’atraccions Tibidabo (Tibidabo Amusement Park) too.
  • The area of CosmoCaixa is ideal for people who are looking for cheap accommodation in Barcelona (for additional information – Cheap Hotels in Barcelona and Hotels in Barcelona).

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