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A couple who arrives to Barcelona for a honeymoon, or to celebrate any other occasion, will certainly want to stay in a luxury hotel. When going on a romantic vacation, it is recommended to search for a 4-star, or even a 5 star hotel, which offers a complete infrastructure, including full board meals, spacious rooms, a pool, spa treats and many others.

Unfortunately, quite a few hotels represent this category in Barcelona (for additional information – Luxury Hotels in Barcelona, Spa Hotels in Barcelona and Hotels in Barcelona).

Of course, a romantic vacation has other components besides accommodation (for additional information – Romantic Vacation in Barcelona) but it is certainly the most important part of the overall experience.

Tips and Recommendations

  • If you want to reserve a hotel for a romantic holiday in Barcelona, make sure your room has a double bed (usually called “double room” or “superior room”) and not twin beds (called a “twin room”).
  • Before you reserve a room for your romantic vacation in Barcelona, it is recommended to inform the staff – in expensive hotels you will get small gifts, for example a glass of champagne or chocolates.
  • If you are booking a smaller and less luxurious hotel (a 3 star or a 2 star hotel), it is recommended to read the reviews of other guests and check if the rooms are soundproof (in order to preserve your privacy).

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