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Kids and Families in Camp Nou

General Information

Camp Nou surrounding is very recommended for families with children. Kids can enjoy both the Camp Nou Experience and the football games played here. Upon your visit you will find that many families bring their children to see the football games and to cheer together for their favourite team. The stadium is very family-friendly so it is guaranteed that kids will enjoy a tour at the stadium where they can play around and touch everything.

If you choose to come to a game with children, note that there are no special discounts for kids tickets – you will be charged the same for children as for an adult. In the past, infants were not charged in the entrance, but nowadays they are charged full price. However, if you are lucky, sometimes the staff will let you “sneak in” with your baby without paying an extra ticket.

For the Camp Nou Experience the price of the ticket varies according to the age of the visitor. Children are entitled for discounts, and you can also explore the “family pass” option, that might save you some extra money (for additional information – Kids and Families in Barcelona).


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