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Fundació Joan Miró Recommended Hours

Q: Are There any Recommended Hours to Visit Fundació Joan Miró?

Tickets for Fundació Joan Miró
Tickets for Fundació Joan Miró
A: No, there is no certain hour of the day that is better than the other to visit Fundació Joan Miró. The only suggestion is to arrive at least one and a half hour before the museum closes in order to have enough time to enjoy the visit.

Though there are not big differences in the number of visitors between different hours of the day, if you are traveling in the Montjuic compound in the summer, then it’s better to go to the museum at noon because then it can be very hot outside. During other hours of the day which are less hot, you can go to the other landmarks of the Montjuic. During winter, the museum is a good solution when it’s too cold or rainy outside.

In every Sunday after 15:00 and in the first Sunday of every month the admission to the museum is free of charge (for additional information – Barcelona for Free). Bare in mind that the museum is overcrowded during these days, so although it’s free it’s not a recommended time to visit the place.

Please note that the museum is sometimes closed because of preparations for big exposition, so it is better to check in advance before you arrive.


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