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Park Güell Tickets

Q: Is it Necessary to Buy a Ticket if I Want to Visit Park Güell?

Tickets for Park Güell
Tickets for Park Güell
A: Though in the past the entrance to Park Güell was completely free (on some websites it still appears that you do not need to pay for visiting the place), nowadays tourists have to buy a ticket if they would like to see the main parts of Park Güell. Since this is the most interesting area of the park, where different famous attractions, such as the lizard-dragon statue and the Room of 100 Columns, we strongly recommend to buy a ticket.

During the summer the park is very crowded. If you visit it with young children, it is recommended to buy tickets in advance in order to avoid the long queues. (for additional information – Kids and Families in Park Güell and Kids and Families in Barcelona).

Moreover, there is a maximum number of visitors who can enter the park at a certain time. Therefore, If you reserved a ticket in advance, it is recommended to arrive prior your scheduled entrance time in order not to miss your spot.

Note that the purchased tickets do not include the entrance fee to the Gaudí House Museum (Casa Museu Gaudi).


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