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Barcelona for Free

You do not have to be rich to enjoy Barcelona. The city offers many sites and attractions for free! Guided Tours in Barcelona for Free, The Beaches of Barcelona, The Sardana Dances, Museums in Barcelona, Parks in Barcelona, Free Events in Barcelona, Buildings and Architecture in Barcelona and many more.

Guided Tours in Barcelona for Free

There are free guided tours in English that take place in the city and are based on tips, most of them are required to pre-register.

For example: and B Side Free Tour Barcelona. Both are highly recommended.

It is also worth mentioning Runner Bean Tours, their tours depart from Plaça Reial and their guides can be identified by the vest and the green umbrella that accompanies them.

The Beaches of Barcelona

One of the most beautiful things in Barcelona is the beach and most beaches are free of charge. For the ones traveling to Barcelona in winter this recommendation is a bit Irrelevant – however, the views and sights of Barcelona and Costa Brava beaches is something worth seeing during the winter as well.

The Sardana Dances

The Sardana dances are held every Sunday between 12:00 am to 02:00 pm on the Cathedral of Barcelona (Catedral de Santa Eulalia). This is a local Catalan experience and it is absolutely free (for additional information – Sundays in Barcelona and Sardana Dance in Barcelona).

Free Museums in Barcelona

In Barcelona, ​​as in most tourist cities in Europe, most museums open their doors for free on the first Sunday of each month. If you are visiting the city at the beginning of the month you can see a major museum in the city, such as the Museu Picasso or the CosmoCaixa (Science Museum), without paying at all. It is important to remember that during these days the museums will be crowded and the lines are longer than usual, so it is best to arrive early. The National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC) is also completely free on the first Sunday of every month, as well as the beautiful Montjuic Hill, with all its sights and gardens.

Parks in Barcelona

Barcelona has many parks. They are free and amazing, and some are from the city’s top attractions, such as the Park Güell (only part of it is free). To visit the gates of one of the most beautiful and unique parks in the world, known by UNESCO as an international heritage site, you do not have to spend a cent. You can stroke the lizard-dragon, watch the picturesque houses and dance with the street bands completely for free.  

Other parks in Barcelona which are free of charge – Parc de Joan Miró (Juan Miro Park), the Montjuic and the Parc de la Ciutadella (Citadel Park).

La Boqueria Market

La Boqueria Market, selected by Timeout magazine for the world’s best food market, it is a glimpse into the amazing culinary culture of Catalonia. It gives a multitude of sights, colors and smells. If you are not tempted to buy anything – it is completely free.

Free Events in Barcelona

Barcelona is a lively and vibrant city and there are quite a few festivals and events in it. Some of them are opened and do not require payment (for additional information – Events in Barcelona).

Free Buildings and Architecture in Barcelona

You have probably heard that architecture in Barcelona is of great interest, so there are many buildings and sites that can be viewed for free.

Touring in all of Gaudi sites, as well as buildings in the Eixample district, are free of charge. You can see famous attractions like Sagrada Familia and Palau Güell (Güell Palace) without any payment. Although it is beautiful to see the Sagrada Familia from within, but the advertising and the great uniqueness of these structures is precisely their appearance, and therefore it is possible to see them only from the outside.

If you decide that you want to enter one building or another, then you need to purchase a ticket, but you should first check whether you can buy a combined ticket that gives you access to several sites (such as the entrance ticket to Sagrada Familia, which allows you to enter Gaudi Museum in Park Güell).


Casino and Gambling in Barcelona

For gambling enthusiasts – the city’s casino offers free entry to the machine floor. In order to enter the card games and dice room you have to pay 5 Euros and come in appropriate clothing (sandals/flip flops or short pants are not welcomed). It is important to note that entry is free but statistically, you will actually spend a lot of money (for additional information – Gran Casino Barcelona and the official website).

Tips and Recommendations

  • The tickets Barcelona Museum Pass and Barcelona Museum Card are not suitable for everyone, but only for those who plan ahead to see some of the museums in the city.  
  • It is recommended to buy Barcelona Card for a few days. For most tourists, especially those not staying in the city for over a week, there is no reason to buy a ticket for a whole week.

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