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Like in other cities, a boutique hotel in Barcelona means a small but high-level hotel. Besides the facilities offered in a regular luxury hotel (for additional information – Luxury Hotels in Barcelona), in boutique hotels something very specific and unique is provided. The reason of its uniqueness can be the special design of the building, for example an old Gothic or a Modernista building (for additional information – Architecture in Barcelona) or different high-level services. Usually boutique hotels are quite small and contains between 10 to 100 rooms when every room is unique for itself.

In Barcelona there are not too many boutique hotels, approximately 100 hotels, so less than 10% percent of the hotels in Barcelona. Because of this low number and because of the uniqueness of the services provided, we recommended that before you reserve a hotel, investigate all the options carefully in order to get the most suitable services for you.

Bare in mind that boutique hotels are much more expensive than the standard hotels, therefore, if you are looking for cheap accommodation this is not the solution (for additional information – Cheap Hotels in Barcelona).

Locations of Boutique Hotels

There are two areas in the city where you can find boutique hotels. One of them is the old city between La Rambla and El Born, which is actually in the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic), and in the area of Plaça de Catalunya.

The other one is the northern part of Eixample, next to Avinguda Diagonal. Of course, hotels in the city center are more expensive than those that are situated in Eixample.

In Eixample you can get the same luxury facilities as in the old city but for a lower price and you have the possibilities to get a boutique hotel at a relatively reasonable price (for additional information – Hotels near La Rambla, Hotels near El  Born, Hotels near the Gothic Quarter, Hotels near Plaça de CatalunyaHotels near Eixample and Hotels near Avinguda Diagonal).

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