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Barcelona is full of famous and less famous, expensive and less expensive shops and malls (for additional information – Shopping in Barcelona), therefore it is very popular to see tourists who come to the city for a shopping vacation.

You can choose between two areas of hotels that are ideal for a shopping holiday. The first one is the southern part of Eixample, near Passeig de Gràcia and Rambla de Catalunya and it is recommended for those who want to be close to the high-level and expensive shops (for additional information – Hotels near Eixample and Hotels near Passeig de Gracia). If you would like to be near the big malls and the big outlet areas of the city, accommodation in the neighborhood of Avinguda Diagonal would be ideal for you (for additional information – Hotels near Avinguda Diagonal).

Those tourist who are “expert” in shopping usually go to the area of Avinguda Diagonal since shops in this area are less expensive than those that are located in the city center. If shopping is the main purpose of your trip to Barcelona – we recommend to book a hotel in this area.

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