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FC Barcelona vs CD Leganes - Read Before You Buy a Ticket!

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Expert review and tips for tourists and travelers, who wants to watch the game: FC Barcelona vs CD Leganes that will be held at Sun, 20 Jan 2019 20:45. In this expert review we will try to review every possible aspect and help you to avoid waste of time and money or choosing an option that doesn’t good for you.

FC Barcelona vs CD Leganes - General Information

Little Ganes from the bottom of the table, will travel all the way from Castile and get to the Camp Nou and try to stop the crazy race for the championship of FC Barcelona.  

Date & time for the FC Barcelona vs CD Leganes match: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 20:45.

Recommendations before you buying tickets to the game between FC Barcelona vs CD Leganes

The range prices for this game is from 50 to 190.

The level of prices for tickets for the game will be relatively cheap. Demand for this game is low. This means that the stadium will be less than 60 percent occupied and tickets can be obtained on the team’s site or in the city two to three days before the game.

For those who wish to watch the game and be sure about their position in the stadium, it is recommended to book tickets in advance, despite the additional cost. This recommendation is valid in the case of families, for those who do not wish to struggle with the reservation and tourists who search for three places or more next to each other (for additional information – FC Barcelona Tickets).

Information and recommendations for a football vacation for FC Barcelona vs CD Leganes


During the winter, it is pretty easy to find a good hotel, for families or individuals. It is not marked as the touristic season, and therefore there is no need of booking hotels in advanced.

In addition, we strongly recommend reading our information page about hotels for a football holiday in Barcelona.

What happened in the previous meeting between FC Barcelona vs CD Leganes?

General tips for this game:

  • It is worth considering to combine the game with other events taking place in Madrid at this time, such as:

  • One should take into consideration that football tickets in Madrid are similar to football tickets in Barcelona, but there are different nuances, especially for booking the tickets in advance (for additional information – Football Tickets in Madrid).

  • Please note that the game takes place during winter, and it might be cold and rainy. It is recommend to dress accordingly. This recommendation is important especially for those who wish to sit in the high gallery (which is colder and partly roofless).

  • The entire subject of football tickets is less known to the average tourist (compared to hotels, flights and tours). Therefore, we strongly recommend to read the full overview on this subject – FC Barcelona Tickets. Additionally, you can consult us with any matter.

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