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Food in Barcelona

General Information

In general, Catalonian cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine combining cuisines from the sea and the mountain. That is, a lot of vegetables, seafood, fish, meat and so on. You can find lots of dishes served in restaurants that combine these types of foods (wolf fish with meat, meatballs with squid pieces, etc.).

Common Foods

  • Tapas

Small nominees. There are many types of tapas in Catalonia in particular and in Spain in general. In Catalonia you can eat tapas as an appetizer for a meal or a tapas meal on its own. In Barcelona there are hundreds of tapas bars serving all kinds of tapas meals.

  • Menu Del Dia

This term means menu of the day, indicating a meal served in a special price, usually at limited hours. Normally the menu includes a soup or salad, main course with a side dish and dessert and it is considered to be the most economical way to eat in Spain.

  • Paella

The paella is a traditional Spanish whole dish which is actually a stew of rice with side dishes. While in the central regions of the Iberian Peninsula (e.g. in Andalusia and Valencia or Castile and Madrid) it is eaten with meat or vegetables, the paella of Catalonia and Barcelona (or the one eaten on the other side of Spain in San Sebastian and the Basque region) is a paella consisting of a combination of rice With seafood.

  • Alioli

This is one of the most common pasta gravy in Spain, it combines garlic and olive oil.

  • Gazpacho

The Gazpacho is a cold vegetable soup. Most often consists of tomatoes, mainly served with bread.

  • Café Cortado

Strong coffee served with milk.

  • Escudella

Meat soup, usually made from a combination of pork and beef.

  • Chorizo

In plain English – sausages!

  • Catalan Cream

The official dessert of Barcelona and Catalonia. Delicious pudding with caramel over. Local people claim that it is different from the more famous Brulee cream.

  • Pan con Tomate

Roasted bread with tomato juice and olive oil. Simple and tasty.

  • Sangria

The official alcohol of Spain served in any bar that respects itself in Barcelona. It is actually a punch of red wine and fruit juice (mostly oranges) with special spices and various additions (pieces of fruit, ice, etc.).


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