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Sport in Barcelona

General Information

In Barcelona sport is a way of life and the city operates a number of clubs, in almost every sport. The athletic nature is well embedded in the genes of the Catalans and you can see people practicing and training in almost every park in the city. Barcelona is the undisputed capital of the sport in Spain and sends many representatives to almost every international team. The city has official groups of the highest level in Europe in almost every sport, from soccer and basketball to ice hockey and athletics. 

The Olympics

The Barcelona Olympics, held in the city in 1992, led to a significant leap of the city, a renewed economic boom and construction in many areas such as a new compound in the port, the construction of the Olympic Village and the expansion of the Olympic Stadium in Montjuic.

Football in Barcelona

Barcelona cannot be separated from its football teams. The residents eat and breathe football, and there is a direct connection between the identity of the group they sympathize with the social status and political opinions of the fans. 

There are two football teams in Barcelona. One is very famous – FC Barcelona ,one of the largest and richest groups in the world with a famous football stadium (Camp Nou) which is considered as a football temple. The second team, less known, Espanola – (Site of the group) and their stadium – the RCDE. Nonetheless, most of its official games are held at the Olympic Stadium in Montjuic

Apart from football, Barcelona has one of the largest and richest basketball teams in Europe. The team won twice the Euroleague Cup with great players like Nabro and Sabonis.

Different Activities

As noted, there is much more to Barcelona than football and basketball. The city raises athletes in the fields of gymnastics, bicycles, athletics, racing cars and even ice hockey.

Once a year the running marathon takes place in the city, although it is not one of the five major marathons in Europe, but it undoubtedly provides an amazing experience that includes running with 15,000 people through the main sites of the city.

In addition to the classic sports, the “street sport” is also popular in Barcelona – skaters, cyclists and roller skaters have an important part in the city, and the young athletes can be seen practicing in parks and sites like in the square adjacent to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA).


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