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Barcelona Card Express vs Barcelona Card

Q: What is the difference between Barcelona Card and Barcelona Card Express?

A: Actually, Barcelona Card Express can be considered as the “little brother” of Barcelona Card that is a more expensive card with a longer validity-time. While Barcelona Card can be purchased for 3, 4 or 5 days, Barcelona Card Express is valid only for 2 days. Therefore  Barcelona Card Express is more suitable for those who want a shorter holiday in Barcelona.

Since Barcelona Card Express is cheaper than Barcelona Card and other discount cards offered in the city, it can be advantageous for a wider group of tourists.

Unlike Barcelona Card, Barcelona Card Express does not provide free admission to any attraction or restaurant in the city. Nonetheless, you can get discount to more than 100 attractions, shops and restaurants (for additional information – List of Barcelona Card Express Discounts, Barcelona for Free and Attractions and Tours in Barcelona).

All in all, the two cards are different and are recommended for different kinds of tourists. It is highly recommended to read and learn about each of the cards separately and individually, you can also do so using the comparison table we have created. It is recommended to consult us prior the booking, just leave us your trip plan and we will advise with the best option according to your plan.


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