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Barcelona Card for 5 Days

Q: I would like to spend a whole week in Barcelona - is it worth purchasing Barcelona Card for 5 days?

A: Most tourists do not visit all of the attractions offered by Barcelona Card, therefore for approximately 50%-60% of tourists it is not recommended to purchase Barcelona Card for 5 days, even if they are staying in the city for a longer period. The average tourist will visit the attractions included in the card in 3 or 4 days, the price of Barcelona Card increases together with the number of the days for which it is valid.

However, if you are interested in more than 9-10 attractions included in the card you can buy the card for 5 days, it will be worth it since the daily price will be lower if you buy the card for a longer period.
It is highly recommended to plan your visit ahead, and according to the plan decide for how many days do you want to purchase your Barcelona Card.


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