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How Does Barcelona Card work?

Q: How Does Barcelona Card Work?

A: It is very easy to use Barcelona Card. You either order it online hereand then you can get a discount to it and will be entitled to free travel from El Prat airport to the city (for additional information – Public Transportation in Barcelona), or purchase it at the airport of the city or at any collection point in Barcelona.

If you decide to pre-order the card you can do it here. The process is simple and easy, you book your card and when you arrive to Barcelona just take it at the airport or at any other collection point in the city. In order to get the card you have to show just the printed certificate of the online booking and a photographic identity card.

If you choose buying or pick up Barcelona Card at the airport – note that the tourist information office is open every day between 09:00-21:00 so if your flight arrives at night it can be problematic to buy the card and to get it. The office is closed on 25th December and on 1st January too.

After you get Barcelona Card it needs to be validated, which means that you have to write on it the exact time when you start to use it. You can do it at any time you want and according to the date and hour given the card will be active for the time period mentioned on it.

However, due to marketing tricks used by the issuers of Barcelona Card, the exact conditions of the validity of the card are not always clear. Though the validity is given in hours and not in days, the use of the card cannot be interrupted. For example, if you validate Barcelona Card for 3 days on Monday, you can enjoy the discounts included in it just until Thursday. Furthermore, if you activate a card for 3 days, for example, in Friday evening, it will be valid just on that evening, on Saturday and on Sunday and not until Monday evening. That is why it is suggested to validate your card in the morning.

Barcelona Card is easy to use – you just need to put the card to the card reader machine or to show it at the entrance of the landmarks you want to visit. Barcelona Card is a personal card and it is not transferable, therefore you cannot share it with other people.


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