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Barcelona City and Coast Helicopter Tour

General Information

If you want to have the best trip in Barcelona and you are not afraid of heights we recommend you to consider a Helicopter ride over the city of Barcelona. The beauty of the Catalan city lies in the many different geographical reliefs, you can enjoy the beautiful Montjuic hillPort Vell and the beaches, the cosmopolitan areas like the Avinguda Diagonal, Camp Nou, or the amazing Sagrada Familia from the bird’s eye.

There are several options of flying in the city sky. Flight time varies between different options and so does the price. You can chose from a one hour to a 5 minutes ride, but the base and the idea remains the same – you arrive at the small airport in the city and then take off.

There are multiple flight options:

  • Flight in the skies of Barcelona only (including beaches and city sites).
  • Flight in the skies of Barcelona + flight over the Montserrat Mountain (a much more expensive experience but value-for-money is higher).
  • Short flight – only lasts a few minutes over the coast of the city (it is indeed the cheapest but the least recommended).

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