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Water Sports in Barcelona

General Information

Barcelona’s coastline along the Mediterranean sea is home to one of the best city beaches of Europe. The Port area is a must see tourist attraction and it is part of the charm of Barcelona with many attractions and water sports activities. Most of the attractions and activities start from the Olympic Port and there is an activity for every water sports fanatic out there.

Sailing in a Speedboat

Experience a thrilling cruise along the coast of Barcelona in a very fast motorboat at an affordable price. Get ready for strong wind, getting wet and  jumping on the waves of the Mediterranean sea. All this along the beautiful coastline of the city, from which you can see the main attractions of Barcelona such as the Sagrada Familia and the Montjuic. In the summer you can even stop and take a swim in the middle of the sea and if you are especially lucky – you might even spot some dolphins. The cruise takes about an hour and the boat reaches a speed of 64 k/h. During the cruise you can drink free soft drinks and beer.

Barcelona High-Speed RIB Boat Cruise

Kayak and Surfing

A challenging water sports experience – kayaking and surfing. First, you have to take a class in a small group where a professional instructor will explain how to row the kayak and the sap. Then you can go out, into the sea, under the guidance of the instructor and apply what you have learned in Barcelona‘s beautiful waters. The entire experience takes about two hours and is suitable for both experienced and beginners.

Kayak and Paddleboard Experience in Barcelona


You can learn how to surf the windshield with a local instructor in a small group. After you learn how to maneuver the wind for surfing you can go out to the sea and slide on your own, with a skilled instructor watching. Enjoy an hour of free skiing in front of Nova Icària Beach. The entire attraction takes about two and a half hours and is suitable for both experienced and beginners.

Windsurfing Lesson in Barcelona

Jet Ski Rental

A great opportunity to take a break from Barcelona’s classic touristic sites and taste a bit of extreme sport that will give you an adrenaline rush. The motorbike ride is carried out on the beaches of Barcelona, ​​near Olympic Port. Before you go out to the beach you will receive safety guidance from an experienced instructor who will also give you tips on how to maximize your trip in order to enjoy the experience in the best possible way (for additional information – Jet Ski Rental).

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Flyboard Experience

A great opportunity for a break from the museums and the sites of Barcelona and enjoy some extreme sports. A Flyboard is a sporty device that combines the power of a jet ski with the shape of a skateboard, allowing it to fly, twist, rotate and dive with the jet of water it creates. The water pressure coming out of the Flyboard lets you fly up to 12 meters above sea level. The attraction last between 15 to 30 minutes (for additional information – Flyboard Experience).

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Parasailing Experience

A one-time opportunity to see Barcelona from above! A once-in-a-lifetime experience for the brave, who will be able to see the spectacular views of Barcelona while hovering over sandy beaches, the Mediterranean Sea and Montjuic Castle. There is room for up to 4 people per flight, so you can enjoy the breathtaking experience with friends or family. The flight will be joined by an instructor and a boat ride and each participant gets a life jacket and a safety briefing before take off (for additional information – Parasailing Experience and Kids and Families in Barcelona).

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Tips and Recommendations

  • Water sport activities are not recommended for all tourists since all of these attractions are relatively expensive. If you want to get a taste of these extreme sports an option is to book a ride for a short time like a 15 minutes or 30 minutes ride (for additional information – Sport in Barcelona and Barcelona for Free).
  • Most of these activities have a strict age limit therefore they are not recommended for kids and families, people with disabilities or the elderly. The most common age restriction is under 16 or 18 years old. Make sure to check the possible restriction before booking an activity.
  • Since this attraction is an outdoor activity, you need to be prepared that it can be cancelled because of unfavorable weather conditions (for additional information – Weather in Barcelona). Furthermore, sometimes technical malfunctions can occur, which also can lead to the cancellation of the activity.
  • Because most of the activities take between 15 minutes to 1 hour, we recommend you to combine other attractions near the Port Olympic area. Enjoy the beautiful gold sand beach or an attraction in Port Vell or at Avinguda Diagonal.  
  • A regular travelers insurance does not cover any of these extreme sport activities, therefore it is recommended to make sure you have an insurance that covers these activities before you book the tickets.


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