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General Information

La Rambla is a great area to stay in Barcelona in terms of proximity to the main sights. When choosing a hotel on La Rambla Boulevard, one should take into account the relatively higher prices and a lot of noise and crowd density. On the other hand, it is a central location with great accessibility to all parts of the city.

Most of the hotels near La Rambla are ranked as two to four stars, while a few five star hotels can mainly be found at the northern end of the avenue, near Plaça de Catalunya. There are also many apartments for rent in the area.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Although La Rambla is a central area throughout its entire length, there are substantial differences between the five divisions of the avenue. The northern part, close to Plaça de Catalunya (for additional information – Hotels near Plaça de Catalunya) is a more upscale and expensive area. Then, as you walk down the avenue toward the Port Vell (for additional information – Hotels near Port Vell) and get away from the square, hotel prices are dropping. There is also a difference in price between the two sides of La Rambla – the hotels from the eastern side are part of the Gothic Quarter (for additional information – Hotels near Gothic Quarter) and tend to be more expensive than the hotels from the western side which are part of El Raval neighborhood (for additional information – Hotels near El Raval).
  • For those who wish to stay in this area during summer (peak season), it is recommended to book a hotel in advance. This is not necessary for the rest of the year, when most of the time you can find good hotels at the last minute (for additional information – Summer Vacation in Barcelona).
  • The area is not suitable for those who come with a rented car to the city – in this case it is better to resort to other areas for accommodation, such as the northern parts of the Eixample (for additional information – Hotels near Eixample) or the Montjuic (for additional information – Hotels near Montjuic). For those arriving with a rented car read more about Car Rental in Barcelona and Car Rental in Spain.
  • The hotels on La Rambla may be affected by high noise levels from the nearby streets. This problem occurs especially during the summer season. For those who are disturbed by the noise and want to sleep in a busy area, it is recommended to ensure that the hotel has soundproofed windows prior to booking.
  • The hotel rooms tend to be smaller than the ones from other parts of the city, such as Montjuic or Eixample. Therefore, large groups and large families looking for a more spacious accommodation might prefer hotels or apartments in the peripheral parts of Barcelona where for about the same price they can get larger rooms (for additional information – Family-friendly Hotels in Barcelona)
  • For those seeking a quiet terrace room it is advisable to make sure that the room is not facing towards the boulevard but more towards the internal and less noisy alleys.
  • This area of the city has a lot of entertainment and a lively atmosphere that lasts until late into the night. This makes it very suitable to stay for those looking to be close to the nightlife of the city. Those that are looking for a quieter place should take into consideration that a high density of tourists can be quite uncomfortable.
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