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We do not always have the means and the ability to invest in a prestigious holiday, and fortunately, we have destinations that we can do it differently. Although Barcelona is not a cheap destination – it has many possibilities and option to reduce the costs of your vacation (for additional information – Barcelona for Free).

As for accommodation in Barcelona, ​​you can choose between a standard hotel, who is close to the main tourist attractions, and on the other hand – a more luxury hotel that is more distant from La Rambla and Plaça de Catalunya, but one that it is accessible to the public transportation and still considered part of the City Center (in areas such as Plaça d’Espanya and Sants, Parc de la Ciutadella (Citadel Park), in the northern part of Eixample).

Moreover, you can save even more by lodging in areas such as Park Güell, Avinguda Diagonal or La Sagrada Familia. This is a great way to reduce costs and at the same time benefit of a high quality accommodation. When choosing this method, it is advisable to make sure that the hotel is easily accessible to public transportation.
There are also tourists who are often willing to stay outside the city in order to save in costs – for example in Badalona. We do not really recommend this solution, and only advise to consider it in some cases when the package is very attractive.

Another way of saving accommodation costs in Barcelona is to choose a hostel instead of a hotel. There are some excellent offers for good hostels in Barcelona, such as Primavera Hostel and Hip Karma Hostel.

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