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Kids and Families in L’Aquàrium de Barcelona

General Information

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona is a beloved attraction for families with children that visit the city of Barcelona. Not only the Aquarium is highly recommended for children, but the whole area of Port Vell, where the Aquarium is situated, is a family friendly area, that children of all ages enjoy.

Families that visit this area can choose between activities like a ride with the cable car, a shopping tour at the famous Maremagnum Shopping Mall, watching a movie at the local IMax movie theater or visiting the port itself. The Aquarium of Barcelona is very family friendly and it is adapted to the most enthusiastic visitors, children. There are a lot of activities dedicated for children to play around and take pictures, for example in the mouth of a shark (for additional information – Kids and Families in Barcelona).

Family-friendly Hotels near L’Aquàrium de Barcelona

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona area is also a good option for families looking for accommodation in Barcelona, close to the beach (for additional information – Beach Vacation HotelsHotels near Aquarium Barcelona, Hotels near Port Vell and Family-friendly Hotels in Barcelona).

Tips and Recommendations

  • The price for the tickets varies depending on the age of the children. All visitors under 3 have free access to the aquarium and kids under 10 have reduced entry fees.
  • If you have a family with more than 2 children, it is recommended to get the family package to save up some money.
  • A good option is to purchase the tickets in advance which will give you a better price and also you can order in advance a family meal at the restaurant of the aquarium and get a discounted price.



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