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Q: Do I Need to Book Tickets in Advance to Camp Nou?

Tickets for Camp Nou Experience
Tickets for Camp Nou Experience
A: There are two different tickets you can buy to Camp Nou. One for the Camp Nou Experience and one for a football game.

In case you are interested to see a game – it really depends on the game you are interested in, the amount of tickets you want to purchase, the seats and how time-flexible you are (for additional information – Tickets to Barcelona).

For the Camp Nou Experience – it depends on the season. If you come to visit during the summer our recommendation is to book tickets in advance to avoid waiting in lines. This also applies during the holidays. If you are visiting the stadium during the winter months or in the middle of the season it is not necessary to book tickets in advance because the lines are relatively short and it is easy to purchase tickets on the spot. For families with children it is highly recommended to preorder tickets, especially during the summer, because it is more difficult to stay in line with children (for additional information – Kids and Families in Camp Nou Stadium and Kids and Families in Barcelona).


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