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La Boqueria

General Information

Welcome to one of the most amazing sites in Barcelona – the world’s famous La Boqueria food market, a bustling place abounding in flavors and color. You will find it as an offshoot of La Rambla Boulevard in the Saint Josep area. The market’s entrance is just 2 minutes away from where La Rambla’s promenade is brought to life by Joan Miró’s mosaic artwork (oddly enough, a masterpiece ignored by the bulk of passing tourists – it stars however on most of the photos of the area).

History of La Boqueria

The market’s history is fascinating. Its origin can be traced way back to the 12th century when it started off as a meeting place of the local butchers who sold pigs on an open field next to the St. Josep monastery. However, this gathering of local and nearby food merchants that evolved there over the centuries was officially established and recognized as a market only in 1826. Then, after the St. Josep monastery complex was destroyed during the anti-church riots of the first half of the 19th century (for additional information – History of Barcelona), the local authorities decided to construct in its place the structure that gradually developed into the incredible marketplace that we see today.

It has been claimed by many that La Boqueria is probably the best food market in the world.

La Boqueria’s Entrance, also known as The Mercat de St. Josep, welcomes you into the most famous market in Barcelona, which is today a blooming and famous tourist attraction.


What do you see in La Boqueria?

Unlike most of the images that might come to our mind as we picture a regular food market (busy, noisy and messy), La Boqueria is a neat and orderly managed association of merchants.

They conduct regular cooking workshops and food school classes, available for all ages. All such ongoing and upcoming activities are regularly updated on the market’s official website. Another interesting fact is that La Boqueria is one of the few food marketplaces in the world that has its own website.

Almost all types of food can be found here including baked goods, fruits and vegetables, fine chocolates, dried fruits and of course, fish and seafood. This place is not only rich in flavors and scents but also in an impressive historic legacy that stands for centuries and that can be felt all around its lively stall lanes.

Sweets, spices and dried food are all a significant part of the wonderful gastronomic experience that is provided by La Boqueria market. The locals are putting in their best efforts to deliver excellent services to their costumers. Therefore, if you are looking for natural and high-quality food, then this market will surely meet your expectations.


If you love chocolate as much as the people from Barcelona do, then this is the place for you. The market offers you the opportunity to find different types of chocolate to suit all tastes, both cheap and expensive. And if you are that fond of chocolate, there is a variety of flavors that you can take with you while visiting around the city.


Because the market is also very popular for its sea food, you can easily find such food around La Boqueria. You can usually buy all types of fish, oysters, shrimps and calamari, which come from all around Catalonia, from Costa Brava to Tarragona.

A Guided Tour of the Market

You can also sign up for guided tours of the market, where you can learn all about the local Catalan cuisine, from selecting and ordering the products to food preparation process and tasting sessions. (for additional information – Private Tour: Barcelona Cooking Class with Boqueria Market Walking Tour).

Tips and Recommendations for Visiting La Boqueria

  • Even though the market opens at 08:00, there is no reason to get there before 09:30 when most of the traders wake up and arrange their merchandise. Noteworthy though, you should not arrive after 16:00 as most sellers and especially the fishermen close their stalls by then. The best hours to visit are between 09:30 to 11:00, when the market is fully active and it is not overcrowded by visitors.
  • The recommended way of getting to the Ramblas in general and to the market in particular is the metro. Be advised that the market cannot be reached by private car (for additional information – Car Rental in Barcelona and Car Rental in Spain).
  • The marketplace is wheelchair accessible and even though maneuvers on the crowded lanes might be challenging, most people are very polite and accommodate to a disabled person’s needs (for additional information – Accessibility in La Boqueria and Accessibility in Barcelona).

Tips for Shops and Restaurants in La Boqueria:

  • If you are also interested in shopping – if you walk up La Rambla you will reach to the huge department store El Corte Ingles and the El Triangle. On the other hand if you go down the Ramblas you will get to the Maremagnum in Port Vell (for additional information – Shopping in Barcelona).
  • For when you feel the need to take a break and grab a bite, there are several nice restaurants close to the market. Some are ordinary tourist traps, while others are a worthwhile option such as: Falafel Maoz, Wok To Walk, Roser, or Escribà (for additional information – Restaurants in Barcelona).
  • There is a little chocolate specialty shop located at the back end of the market, where you can enjoy some sweet tasting offers at a particularly low price. If you find chocolate interesting we also recommend you to visit Museu De La Xocolata (Chocolate Museum). Avoid shopping at the stores from across the entrance to the market – these are qualified tourist traps!
  • Before you start exploring the stands, get yourself some freshly squeezed natural fruit juice from one of the fruit stalls located around the entrance, especially on hot summer days as the drinks are usually chilled on crushed ice. The price for the fresh juices lowers as you go further inside the market – and as you will find out, so are the chocolates!

Tips for Attractions near La Boqueria:

  • We highly recommend to integrate this site with other nearby sites such as Plaça de Catalunya. From there you can continue for a nice walk on La Rambla Boulevard to the market. The Gran Teatre del Liceu and the historic El Raval neighborhood are not far from the market either.
  • Do not forget, La Boqueria food market is Barcelona’s most famous and spectacular market, but you can further explore the Catalan lifestyle by visiting some other spectacular marketplaces in this beautiful city. You can shop like the locals or just look around and meet new people. Either way, we recommend the following places: Mercat Santa Caterina, Mercat de la Concepcio, Mercat del Ninot, Mercat de Sant Antoni, Mercat dels Encants (the city’s biggest flea market), Mercat Gotic (antiques). (for additional information – Markets in Barcelona).

Tips for Kids & Families in La Boqueria:

  • For those traveling with children in Barcelona – they can also benefit from exploring the market, as this place combines the unique atmosphere of a fussy market with the order and organization of a shopping mall. Just pay attention that the children are not getting pinched by the lurking live lobsters placed on the seafood stalls (for additional information – Kids and Families in La Boqueria and Kids and Families in Barcelona).
  • You can also enjoy a flamenco show at Los Tarantos or Tablao Cordobes, which are in the vicinity.

Tips for Hotels near La Boqueria:

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Getting there

L3 (green) – Liceu station.


No. 59 and V13.

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Monday to Saturday:
08:00 – 20:30

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